Dirt, Dust, & Dark Voids

The book I chose to read is called DUST, by Hugh Howey. I don’t know too much information about this book, but it caught my eye in the library and seemed like an interesting read. I’m a big fan of mystery books and “the world is ending” types of stories, and this seemed like a good mixture between the two to read. I believe this story is about surviving the end of the world, and saving the future humans from the unknown and what is to come.

I haven’t gotten too far into this book yet, but from what I read in the first few chapters, a young woman named Juliette is digging through a huge wall of dirt in an excavator to find the solution to the communities problem and to hopefully save the future generations to come. She knows how important of a mission this is, and she is persevering to keep digging, even though she knows it’s super difficult and dangerous. She finally gets through the walls of dirt to the other side, and what she sees is extremely scary. The air on the other side of the dirt wall is not clean, and all she can see when she got through is a deep, dark, black void. 

This story most likely takes place in the future, digging construction vehicles into random voids doesn’t commonly happen today. So far in this book, I really admire Juliette’s character. She is the mayor of the town, and she seems like a fighter. She puts others before herself and works hard to make things right. Some assumptions I made about this book and Juliette is that no matter how hard or tricky the situation or problem gets, she’s going to do everything she can to keep on going, because she’s doing it for her town, or for someone or something that has triggered her past or helps her to keep on fighting. 

I think Juliette is going to have hardships throughout this book. The plan and the dig might not go according to plan, and she might run into some problems or bad issues along the way. Not every story is perfect, and I can already tell from the beginning of this story, Juliette is going to have a tough time but will try her best to succeed in her mission, and reach her accomplishments, and save the future people of the world.

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