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The connections I can make about Thoreau’s and Emerson’s thoughts is that both of them absolutely love nature. They both found it very important in life. Both of them feel as though you can find you true self through nature. How people should rely on themselves more than other people and find their own happiness instead of looking for it in other places when it is right in front of them. They are trying to get across to people that you should not fully focus on things if it does not meet up with your goals that you have for yourself. Looking for happiness in other people is just distracting yourself from your own happiness and goals. This is just what I got out of it because I did not fully understand the reading. “Where I live and what I live for” main idea is about his journey before and after entering the woods. The conclusions was about his thoughts after the woods. He realized that he does not need “things” to make him happy and he should be happy and grateful with all that he has. I believe the reason behind this experiment is to get away from the “normal” living style and living in the woods is proof that you can find happiness and peace wherever you are, even if you are by yourself. He wanted to be alone and have more time to focus on himself and his goals. If I did this I would miss my friends so much. I would also miss my family even though they are a pain sometimes. In a way I feel like this would be kind of nice just to get away from everything and focus on myself to become a more stable and better person. The benefits would be not having so much drama in the world because it is only you and no one else.  I do no think I could do it. I would go crazy seeing the same things everyday and not being with my friends. A modern day reader should be kind to nature and becoming a person that can rely on yourself. I think this is very important because you cannot rely on anyone 100% other than yourself.

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The book that I am currently reading right now is gossip girl. I probably have been working on this book since the 2nd week of school. I only read it when my teacher assigns reading to the class. I have never once read this book outside of school. I have watched the TV series but that is about it. The highlights if this book is how it takes place in new York city and i love that place. I think it is so pretty. The book is about teenagers who are very snotty and get whatever they want. They are also loaded with money. They live in huge houses and have very expensive clothes. I like how there is a lot of drama that goes on in the book because it keeps it interesting. There is always something new that is happening. Our Friday reading times does not encourage my reading at all. Like it is nothing against the teacher I just hate reading all together. I do not think i can ever start to enjoy reading and when i am bored just be like “oh let me go read”.  My take away on transcendentalism is that i still have no idea what it is. I personally did not like “song of myself” because it was very hard to understand the real meaning behind it. I think i would have liked it better if it was easier to read and comprehend. My thoughts about the film Vertigo is that i do not really know what to expect. When he told us it is from like the 1900’s i right away thought that it is going ti be boring. Especially because we are going to have to write an essay about it. I learned about how the director put a lot of effort into making this. I think that will help me appreciate it a lot more. I think the most difficult aspect of the critique essay will be trying not to right a review. They are very similar and i think i will start to drift off.

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My initial reaction impression and reaction to “song by myself” section 6 was that was very confusing and hard to understand. I see what he is trying to convey to the readers, but I also think that he could have said it in an easier way. I know how that he wants us to know who we are but not just ourselves. That we are all connected in some bigger way. By the way he mentions the grass and has a little kid ask “what is the grass”. You have to look deeper into that meaning to understand that ‘the grass’ is actually society. Whitman’s devotion to a Transcendentalist philosophy in his writing by saying how we all belong to the same world and society and there is nothing that separates us or makes us different. He talks about himself and explains to others how we are all connected by nature and equally connected. I believe that the most important line is our section is the very first one. It is a little kid asking what grass is. At first me and my group did not really understand what this is suppose to mean. Like what do you mean, grass is something that is green and grows out of the ground. After reading it a couple times, we figured out that the kid was not asking what grass actually was, but that he was asking what is this world. I think he was conveying this to us like this because grass is everywhere and so is this world. We can not really get rid of it and it is all the same. It is part of the theme because grass is all the same and Whitman tells us that so are we, the humans. We are still having a difficult time trying to figure the whole middle section. We do not know what Whitman is trying to convey to us yet. We still have to dig deeper and get the actual meaning he is trying to say. I think this will come by us reading over our section again and thinking about it a lot more.

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blog 9

Over this past week, I had to complete a self-evaluation chart where I would mark each of the virtues that I broke. I was not surprised at all with the amount of virtues I broke. I also did not realize how hard it is to not break any of them. You have to be constantly monitoring what you say and do all the time. Industry is a virtue that I broke everyday because I would always catch myself doing something that is not important and is a waste of my time. Even though I might not think it is a waste of time, like watching Netflix, there are better things I could have been doing with that time. Another virtue I broke everyday was sincerity. I am the type of person who swears a lot and I do not even realize that I am doing it. It is hard for me not to. I also say things out loud that would be better off staying thoughts in my head.  I broke the virtue of humility a couple times because on those days I did not work hard and I just sat around all day and did not do anything. Resolution is another virtue I broke everyday because I do not make a plan for myself each and everyday day. I just go with the flow and figure what I am doing the day of and if I am not doing anything I just chill out at home until something comes up. On Wednesday, December 25th, I did not take a shower like I normally do every night. The reason I didn’t is because I came home really late from my aunts house and then that night I went out with some friends and wasn’t home until like 4 in the morning. I forgave people twice in this week. One of those people was my mom because she was being a jerk to me and then then apologized to me for it. I forgave her. Another one was my sister because she though I took one of  her shirts and I didn’t. She eventually found it and apologized for blaming me. I broke the virtue of frugality a couple times. I would buy myself things that I did not need but that I wanted. Like going out to eat when I could have ate at home. Or buying other things that is not appropriate for me to type out. I broke temperance twice, again, I cannot type out one of the days but on Christmas I did eat way too much food and felt like shit afterwards.  Virtues that I did not break were Justice, Generosity, Chasity, Patience, Tranquility and Order. Justice was easy because I did do my job and did not physically or emotionally injure others. Generosity was also easy to follow because my gram is in a nursing home and I always ask her what I can do to help her out and feel more comfortable. I did not break Chasity either. I had opportunities to but I stuck with my gut and did not have sex. Patience was hard but I don’t think I broke it. When I felt like people were getting on my nerves I just took a deep breath and calmed down before overreacting. I didn’t break the virtue of tranquility either because I did yoga which calmed me down and didn’t let people get to me and make me mad.  Order could have been difficult to break but I didn’t. Before I would go anywhere or do anything, I made sure to have my room picked up and not a mess. Especially after Christmas where everything gets very messy.

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blog 8

My first impression that I had to the “Dodo Conundrum” was that it is a very sad story. It was kind of like he would do anything for something that he would not be able to get. I feel like he wants the world to be perfect but that will never happen. I think he theme is nothing in life will ever be perfect no matter how hard to try for it to be. Some parts I am still confused about is why this person would risk everything for something that couldn’t happen. Why was no one else involved in his life. Did he have any other dreams? What was his purpose in life. Why didn’t he try harder instead of giving up? I think Eldorado questions were easier to answer than this poem. The reason I think that is because Eldorado had a lot of different meanings which meant you could read the poems if different ways and look at it other than just one way. This poem is a lot more harder to understand. It really makes you think about what you are reading and wonder what the author is trying to convey to the readers. I think since I have a better understanding about poetry that it is easier for me to read it. I now know who to read it with the rhymes and patterns and what type of structure there are. Ever since I wrote my own poems, reading other poems seem a lot easier for me.


In the book that I’m reading and the story I am writing both incorporate character development and tone. In gossip girl Blair is a snotty teenage girl who thinks she can say and do whatever she wants to and won’t hurt anyone’s feelings. As I read, I begin to see her character change into a more mature young lady who acts like an adult instead of a little kid. She still sometimes lets things out of her mouth that are rude and hurtful but that is all apart of developing into a mature young lady. The story I am writing also has a character that develops into a better person. The main character Kylie lost the “love of her life” but after a while she realizes that he was no good and she became a lot happier and a better person without him. Both of the stories use tone in different ways that are hurtful but also sometimes true. Blair in gossip girl will say things to people whether it hurts their feelings or not. Another character in the book that i am reading is dan. He is a writer who only cares about getting his booked published. He said some really rude things in a mean tone of voice about his friends. They were not happy with him after they found out what he said about them. In the story I wrote, Justin says things about people, sometimes even to their face, that are very rude and hurtful. Though, sometimes what he says is true, the tone of voice he uses is not the best. He could definitely say things nicer if he is going to say anything at all. So both the story i am reading and writing both incorporate how the characters developed and the tone of voice when they say things out loud.



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Blog 6

My story didn’t change at all during the process and my initial first thought. I used the 6 word short story, “nothing will ever grow from there”. I enjoyed writing the story because it helped me notice even more that there are toxic relationships and it wasn’t helpful for me.  It still makes me sad and upset and confused but I tried my best to write exactly how i felt so all the thoughts were off my chest.  Changing it I used bigger words so my story sounded more together and concise.  The story is based on a real story that i still think about constantly and am trying to work through my mind and be okay with what happened. I know i deserve more and i have worth but writing this story really showed how i ignored my own worth.  Through writing it helped me to process my thoughts better and get a better understanding of why I feel the way I do and why things had to happen the way that they did. Although I didn’t make significant changes I think the changes I did make helped to speak how i felt more clearly.  This story wasn’t easy to write but once I got al of my thoughts out it helped me feel better and made it easier to write.  Reading “The Devil and Tom Walker” gave me ideas of the greed and selfishness that people have.  I ignored a lot of bad signs and allowed it to get worse.

Blog 4- Ellen Hull

In the book that I am reading, Gossip Girl, the setting is utilized by being in New York City. This impacts the story even more because they are rich, snotty families who get whatever they want. The place that they live in New York City is called ‘The Upper East Side’ meaning that is where only the billionaires live. Everyone wishes that they could live there but you can not if you are not rich.  I feel like if the setting did not take place in New York City and instead it took place in the country or woods it would be a lot different and I do not think the book would be that great. The characters are influenced by the setting because in New York City there are a lot of shops you can go to . But not just anyone can go to them. Only the rich people who live on the upper east side can buy clothes from those stores. It might sound rude and uptight but it is true. The only way other people would be aloud to buy things from there is if they robbed 10 banks and then they could buy maybe ONE shirt or  A pair of pants. I think the fact that the characters know that they are rich and will get whatever they want from whoever they want, it makes them act out and then they are looked as mean people. If the setting were in a poor neighborhood, this story wouldn’t maker sense.  The attitude they have compared to those that are less fortunate.  In Manhattan, there are few rich kids that live there.  These kids are judged because they do not have material items.  If the entire city was rich everyone would be the same.  But because there is an upper and lower class it help us bring conflict.


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Blog 2- Ellen Hull

Currently, in “Gossip Girl” two of the main characters are not getting along very well. Serena and Blair. They used to be best friends who were inseparable. If you saw one of them you would most likely see the other one right by their side. This all changed when Serena went off to boarding school. Serena did not tell anyone she was going. The only people who knew was her mom and her brother. That is it. The reason serena went to boarding school was because at her old school, she was not considered the best student. Serena was looked at as the party girl who would go out and drink every night. She would skip class the next morning and not get her school work done. Blair knew that she was like this but never said anything about it because she did not really think it was a big deal. As a matter of fact, neither did Serena until her mother pointed it out for her.


Serena left during the summer and just basically disappeared and nobody knew where she went. Blair, at first was really concerned and worried about her best friend. Later on, when the summer was over and Serena came back and told everyone where she was, Blair was pissed. Serena tried explaining to Blair that the only reason she decided to leave was for her own mental health. Serena came back a better person, at least she thought. SHe pretty much got shunned from her friends for the longest time because they were all disappointed in her, especially Blair. Blair wanted nothing to do with Serena and I think that was a little harsh because all Serena wanted to do was better herself. ZBlair would not talk to her, look at her or even be around her. Serena tried to make up for the things she has done but Blair did not accept her apology. So now, the two best friends who were called “inseparable” are not even talking to each other and are acting like they are strangers. I really hope they make up soon because they seemed like the type of best friend who people would look up to.

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Blog 3-Ellen Hull

In my book, Blair’s mother is getting married to a guy that she has only known for a little bit. His name is Cyrus. He is described as a short, old, weird man. This is funny to me because they described Blair’s mother as a pretty older women who dresses like she is still a teenager. In the book they describe her as a “hot mom”. When I was watching this series, both of their description match how they looked in the TV show. When I first saw Cryus, it did make me laugh out loud because he definitely is very goofy looking and you wouldn’t think that Blair’s mom would go for a type of person like Cyrus. So far in my book their hasn’t been a ton of humor.


 I hope that later on in the reading they start to make fun of each other or fight with one another. That will make the book a lot more funny because they are all rich people who get whatever they want. And if they fight it would be like they are basically fighting over nothing. Kind of like a petty fight with snotty teenagers. Also, I hope that since they are rich and rude that they will turn on each others backs because of a situation that happens between them.   


There is one character who is in this book, his name is Chuck. He is the type of guy who is stuck up and thinks he is all that. Chuck doesn’t care what people think of him or what people say about him behind his back. Along with that, Chuck also doesn’t care if he hurts people’s feelings with what he says about them. He is the type of character who will go to any length to get something he either wants or needs. In the show, he was always dressed nice no matter what time of day it was. He was always drinking some fancy, expensive liquor and planning out schemes. So far, Chuck is my favorite character just because of the way he doesn’t really care. I like reading about characters who act like him. 

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