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The connections I can make about Thoreau’s and Emerson’s thoughts is that both of them absolutely love nature. They both found it very important in life. Both of them feel as though you can find you true self through nature. How people should rely on themselves more than other people and find their own happiness instead of looking for it in other places when it is right in front of them. They are trying to get across to people that you should not fully focus on things if it does not meet up with your goals that you have for yourself. Looking for happiness in other people is just distracting yourself from your own happiness and goals. This is just what I got out of it because I did not fully understand the reading. “Where I live and what I live for” main idea is about his journey before and after entering the woods. The conclusions was about his thoughts after the woods. He realized that he does not need “things” to make him happy and he should be happy and grateful with all that he has. I believe the reason behind this experiment is to get away from the “normal” living style and living in the woods is proof that you can find happiness and peace wherever you are, even if you are by yourself. He wanted to be alone and have more time to focus on himself and his goals. If I did this I would miss my friends so much. I would also miss my family even though they are a pain sometimes. In a way I feel like this would be kind of nice just to get away from everything and focus on myself to become a more stable and better person. The benefits would be not having so much drama in the world because it is only you and no one else.  I do no think I could do it. I would go crazy seeing the same things everyday and not being with my friends. A modern day reader should be kind to nature and becoming a person that can rely on yourself. I think this is very important because you cannot rely on anyone 100% other than yourself.

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