Blog 4- Ellen Hull

In the book that I am reading, Gossip Girl, the setting is utilized by being in New York City. This impacts the story even more because they are rich, snotty families who get whatever they want. The place that they live in New York City is called ‘The Upper East Side’ meaning that is where only the billionaires live. Everyone wishes that they could live there but you can not if you are not rich.  I feel like if the setting did not take place in New York City and instead it took place in the country or woods it would be a lot different and I do not think the book would be that great. The characters are influenced by the setting because in New York City there are a lot of shops you can go to . But not just anyone can go to them. Only the rich people who live on the upper east side can buy clothes from those stores. It might sound rude and uptight but it is true. The only way other people would be aloud to buy things from there is if they robbed 10 banks and then they could buy maybe ONE shirt or  A pair of pants. I think the fact that the characters know that they are rich and will get whatever they want from whoever they want, it makes them act out and then they are looked as mean people. If the setting were in a poor neighborhood, this story wouldn’t maker sense.  The attitude they have compared to those that are less fortunate.  In Manhattan, there are few rich kids that live there.  These kids are judged because they do not have material items.  If the entire city was rich everyone would be the same.  But because there is an upper and lower class it help us bring conflict.


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