Blog 4- Ellen Hull

In the book that I am reading, Gossip Girl, the setting is utilized by being in New York City. This impacts the story even more because they are rich, snotty families who get whatever they want. The place that they live in New York City is called ‘The Upper East Side’ meaning that is where only the billionaires live. Everyone wishes that they could live there but you can not if you are not rich.  I feel like if the setting did not take place in New York City and instead it took place in the country or woods it would be a lot different and I do not think the book would be that great. The characters are influenced by the setting because in New York City there are a lot of shops you can go to . But not just anyone can go to them. Only the rich people who live on the upper east side can buy clothes from those stores. It might sound rude and uptight but it is true. The only way other people would be aloud to buy things from there is if they robbed 10 banks and then they could buy maybe ONE shirt or  A pair of pants. I think the fact that the characters know that they are rich and will get whatever they want from whoever they want, it makes them act out and then they are looked as mean people. If the setting were in a poor neighborhood, this story wouldn’t maker sense.  The attitude they have compared to those that are less fortunate.  In Manhattan, there are few rich kids that live there.  These kids are judged because they do not have material items.  If the entire city was rich everyone would be the same.  But because there is an upper and lower class it help us bring conflict.


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Blog 2- Ellen Hull

Currently, in “Gossip Girl” two of the main characters are not getting along very well. Serena and Blair. They used to be best friends who were inseparable. If you saw one of them you would most likely see the other one right by their side. This all changed when Serena went off to boarding school. Serena did not tell anyone she was going. The only people who knew was her mom and her brother. That is it. The reason serena went to boarding school was because at her old school, she was not considered the best student. Serena was looked at as the party girl who would go out and drink every night. She would skip class the next morning and not get her school work done. Blair knew that she was like this but never said anything about it because she did not really think it was a big deal. As a matter of fact, neither did Serena until her mother pointed it out for her.


Serena left during the summer and just basically disappeared and nobody knew where she went. Blair, at first was really concerned and worried about her best friend. Later on, when the summer was over and Serena came back and told everyone where she was, Blair was pissed. Serena tried explaining to Blair that the only reason she decided to leave was for her own mental health. Serena came back a better person, at least she thought. SHe pretty much got shunned from her friends for the longest time because they were all disappointed in her, especially Blair. Blair wanted nothing to do with Serena and I think that was a little harsh because all Serena wanted to do was better herself. ZBlair would not talk to her, look at her or even be around her. Serena tried to make up for the things she has done but Blair did not accept her apology. So now, the two best friends who were called “inseparable” are not even talking to each other and are acting like they are strangers. I really hope they make up soon because they seemed like the type of best friend who people would look up to.

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Blog 3-Ellen Hull

In my book, Blair’s mother is getting married to a guy that she has only known for a little bit. His name is Cyrus. He is described as a short, old, weird man. This is funny to me because they described Blair’s mother as a pretty older women who dresses like she is still a teenager. In the book they describe her as a “hot mom”. When I was watching this series, both of their description match how they looked in the TV show. When I first saw Cryus, it did make me laugh out loud because he definitely is very goofy looking and you wouldn’t think that Blair’s mom would go for a type of person like Cyrus. So far in my book their hasn’t been a ton of humor.


 I hope that later on in the reading they start to make fun of each other or fight with one another. That will make the book a lot more funny because they are all rich people who get whatever they want. And if they fight it would be like they are basically fighting over nothing. Kind of like a petty fight with snotty teenagers. Also, I hope that since they are rich and rude that they will turn on each others backs because of a situation that happens between them.   


There is one character who is in this book, his name is Chuck. He is the type of guy who is stuck up and thinks he is all that. Chuck doesn’t care what people think of him or what people say about him behind his back. Along with that, Chuck also doesn’t care if he hurts people’s feelings with what he says about them. He is the type of character who will go to any length to get something he either wants or needs. In the show, he was always dressed nice no matter what time of day it was. He was always drinking some fancy, expensive liquor and planning out schemes. So far, Chuck is my favorite character just because of the way he doesn’t really care. I like reading about characters who act like him. 

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The book that I’m reading is called “You know you love me, a gossip girl novel.” In chapter one, the author is explaining the lives of five snotty teenagers who are given anything they want. There are five close friends, Serena, Blair, Nate, Chuck and Dan. They all live in New York City, the Upper East Side as they like to call it, and compete with each other about who is better. They are friends and enemies all at the same time. Dan is called the lonely boy because he lives in the shadow of the other four friends but later on in the book, you will realize that he is actually just like them. Serena is the rich and gorgeous popular girl who is just trying to please everyone. Blair is ‘Queen B’ who only cares about herself and her reputation. Chuck is just like a boy version of Blair. And Nate is the cute, attractive boy who everyone wants to date. 

This book deals with a lot of drama that goes on in ‘The Upper East Side’. They have a social media app that tells the truth about everyone. No one knows who is actually running the app but they call her Gossip Girl, hence the name of the book. None of these friends can go anywhere or do anything in secret because gossip girl is always watching them and sending “blasts” to everyone in New York City. This book has a lot of drama between teenagers and is always keeping me on my feet about what will happen next. 

So far, Nate and Blair are together right now and talking about college in the future. Blair thinks she has everything planned out for her and Nate, but little does she know that Nate has other plans for himself. This will not make Blair very happy once she finds out from him, or maybe even gossip girl. Serena and Dan are together and they are trying to take things slow and live the lives that normal high school teenagers should live. Let’s hope things will stay like that because nothing is ever normal in ‘The Upper East Side’.