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For part one of this blog, right now I am currently reading “Me before you”. I’ve been on and off reading this book for a couple months now. The highlight so far have been the friendship that is starting to form between the caretaker Louisa and the disabled man, Will. Louisa took the job of being his caretaker, Will was very depressed. He is a very wealthy young man that was in a terrible accident and became paralyzed from the waist down. But now that Louisa is around he is becoming compassionate again and despite their differences, really starting to hit it off. I like how the story is very raw and emotional. It shows the struggle and heartbreak of someone who was once full of life be completely stripped of things he took for granted. I feel like the weekly reading times are a nice break from the rest of the day. Sometimes I even forget I have a book that I’m interested in in my bag. I think reading is very important and can help with many skills, it’s just unfortunately something that slips my mind. For part two, what I took away from The Transcendentalist unit and specifically Walt Whitman an

d his work is that nature has so much more meaning on such a deeper level then I realized. For part three, my initial thoughts going into vertigo is that I hope the movie it’s actually enjoyable. If it’s not interesting the paper we have to write is going to be really tough to write. But if the movie is surprisingly good, It actually might not be that hard to write about. Through the research I conducted, I learned that the director Alfred Hitchcock was very well known and respected. This gives me some high hope for the movie, also because he was sort of a perfectionist, the acting probably won’t be bad at all. I think the most difficult part of the critique essay will be to conduct an analysis on such a mind twisting movie. Also, if the movie is as good as everyone says it is, it’s going to be difficult to find things wrong with it.

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