The author of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children uses the setting of the book to introduce the characters and set up many main plot points. The first way the author does this is with the detailed description of the island. The entire basis of the beginning of the book is on the mysterious island that Jacob’s grandfather has described many times. Even though Jacob has never been there himself, it’s almost like he has. As the reader, I know so much about it, the island has pretty much taken on a role and become a character itself. When introducing the main character, Jacob, the author really highlighted the fact that he is nothing like his family. His home life is described as “perfect”. He comes from a pretty wealthy stereotypical family. Little did he know, his whole world would turn upside down and he would be left depressed, alone and his family didn’t care. Especially his mom, she is so full of herself and worries more about the new addition to the house rather than her child who’s struggling right in front of her. Also, I find it very interesting how Jacob’s grandfather lived such an adventurous and crazy life but then ended up living in the most bland neighborhood. The author described it as the place all the old people retire to with plastic flamingos in their yards and pretty much everything else you would expect in a Florida cul-de-sac. This normal description is just setting up the rest of the book for all of the crazy things that are yet to happen. The setting is not that exciting at the beginning, because it just makes the peculiar things seem even weirder. On another note, so far I think the theme has something to do with that fact that anything is possible and something as simple as believing someone even if it sounds crazy. If Jacob wouldn’t have ignored his grandfather when he was telling him the truth, then maybe he could have saved him. And this is why Jacob and his father must go the island to get some answers and get some closure.

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