So far, my book is about heavy topics like murder, trauma and therapy . Therefore there aren’t too many humorous elements within the book. Right now the main character Jacob has been going to therapy to help with the terrifying nightmares he’s been having. He’s had these nightmares every night since his grandfather’s death. The last words that his grandfather spoke to him are a code that Jacob has been endlessly trying to crack. This code will hopefully lead him to the mysterious island where his grandfather said is the only safe place. Though it’s a more serious book, humor could be implemented into this book to lighten it up. A hypothetical situation where humor is utilized, could start when Jacob got the phone call from his grandfather. Jacob gets a ride over to his grandfather’s house to check on him and see if he’s ok. When he gets there, he also walks up to a window and looks in to see a bunch of random people inside that look like they belong in a circus. When he walks in the house to take a closer look, he realizes these random people aren’t so random. Inside, he finds a set of twins picking up huge pieces of furniture with ease, a girl that could breathe underwater who was chilling in the fish tank, a creepy guy reading a magazine with the back of his head, and a levitating girl tied down to the stairs railing. Then it hits him, these are the peculiar kids his grandfather told him stories about as a child. Shocked and confused, Jacob sits down for a second to take it all in. His grandfather walks over to him and explains that they’re on vacation and came to visit him while they were in the area. This situation is an example of farce comedy because it’s a weird but hilarious situation. His grandfather finds this completely normal but Jacob is still frozen and freaking out inside which I think is pretty funny. I personally find this humorous situation better then the sad version that’s in the book. I hope as I continue to read it starts to become more humor filled.

Character Analysis

The main character in Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children is a boy named Jacob. Jacob is your pretty average teen, he spends his summers working at the local grocery store. He seems like a pretty nice kid who mostly keeps to himself. The only friend he has is a boy named Ricky, who is the complete opposite of Jacob. Ricky is the stereotypical edgy, punk tough guy who doesn’t show much emotion. The author starts to give a little more insight on the characters during one particular scene. One day, Jacob had been working at the store when he got a phone call from his grandfather. He said he needed the key to his armory so he could protect himself from the monsters that were after him. Jacob didn’t believe him and thought it was a side effect of the dementia his whole family was certain he had. Worried, Jacob called Ricky to pick him up from work so he could go check on his grandfather at his house. Once they got to the house, Jacob was shocked to find it completely torn apart with no sign of his grandfather. He started to become very concerned and fearful of what might have happened. He went to check in the backyard and found a trail of blood leading into the dark woods. Adrenaline rushing through him, he ran into the thick forest to try and find his grandfather before anything else did. Unfortunately, it was too late and he found him lying face down on the ground covered in blood. Jacob rolled him over to find giant claw marks that ripped open his chest. Jacob yelled for Ricky but by the time he got there his grandfather was already dead. The weeks following his death, Jacob blamed himself for the incident. He kept telling himself if he would have just believed him and let him have the weapons to defend himself, he might still be alive. Not knowing what happened is really taking a toll on Jacob, and he won’t stop until he finds who or whatever killed his grandfather.

Book Reveiw

The first book I’ve decided to read this quarter is Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. I chose this book because I bought it at a book fair a couple of years ago and never read it. I was drawn to this book because I had seen the movie trailer and I wanted to read it before I saw the movie. Normally, I don’t read much from the fantasy genre, but the book got great reviews and is a #1 New York Times best seller. So far, the book is about a kid named Jacob who grew up listening to his grandfather who told him very detailed and out of this world stories. Jacob’s grandfather would particularly talk about his time at an orphanage on island in Wales. Along with these stories, he also showed him pictures of the weird things that occurred on the island. Some of the kids who were at the orphanage with him are really freaky, like a girl that wears a crown and can levitate, a set of creepy twins with super strength and a man that has a face in the front and a face on the back that’s painted to look like a clown. Jacob believed these stories when he was a kid but now that he’s 16, he’s convinced they are all lies and exaggerations of the real stories. Now that his grandpa is getting older, Jacob and his family are convinced he has dementia. He seems to believe all the stories he used to tell are coming back to haunt him. I don’t think his grandfather is crazy, and I also don’t think Jacob is entirely convinced either. His curiosity and crave for adventure will most likely lead him to find proof that his grandfather’s stories are actually real. This book also includes the photos that are described and they’re kinda eerie. I’m not gonna lie, I’m not the biggest fan of horror or thriller novels/movies and tend to be creeped out very easily. But other then that, I am very intrigued with this book so far and I’m very interested to read on.