I am currently reading the book “The Kaiser’s Pirates” by Nick Hewitt. I have probably been reading the book for two months. Overall I am enjoying it. It is I have rarely read it outside the allotted reading time in class and i’m not sure why. I think its maybe because I just sometimes forget that I have it with me. It really is a historical display of the sheer courage and ferocity of naval warfare in WW1. I know it may seem strange for me to say this but it seems that people were just more dignified and well read back in the day than they are now. All in all it is a great book and if you enjoy nonfiction I very much recommend it. My take away on the transcendentalism unit is the same way I have developed to take all philosophy. I feel it is the nature of philosophy to merely be talk. Philosophy has never once to my knowledge been ever helpful in any real logical problem solving. Philosophy is way to look at things and not a problem solver. If you have a painting on a wall of a clown no matter how you look at it, even from a million different viewpoints it is still a clown on a wall. Transcendentalism is a hybrid of beliefs and a web of confusion. Not to mention, being a hybrid means that most parts of it are not even original. It is a hybrid of naturalism intertwined with religious elements. A total Frankenstein of a concept. I am a fan of Ocam’s Razor. If it took Walt Whitman 150 pages to explain the meaning of life than it cant be right. In my opinion a monstrosity of a solution to such a simple question. On the plus, I am extremely excited to view “Vertigo”. I was really looking forward to it. The initial research just boosted my interest. The film seems to be one of the most iconic films of the genre and some of Alfred’s best work. The movie will also be a great break way from the dreadfulness of transcendentalism and its waste of time.



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