Views on Poetry

Reading over my peers blogs, it is easy to see the overwhelming disdain for poetry. It is hated by students but seems to be so revered by educators. I think that this is part of the problem. School isn’t interesting and school is not traditionally associated with fun. In the minds of students whatever goes on in school or what is taught in school is therefore not fun either. Funny thing is that many popular songs could be considered poetry. I think in one way or another everybody has at some point enjoyed some for of poetry. As for me I don’t hate it or like it. It is just another unit for me. I’m not going to give it more attention or focus than I would any other unit in English. I may do a little outside research but not much. By this I mean just googling famous poems and reading them. This is just really to be able talk to people about the basics and be educated enough to maybe pick out an allusion in a show, movie, etc. The poems we have read so far in class in truth aren’t all that bad. Eldorado frustrates me to no end though. After reading it a few times I always come up with a new idea or possible theme it could be. First it was just the typical greed equals bad theme and then I thought it was a metaphor for our modern consumerist society. Now It seems to me like an outline of drug use. Ohh and by the way it could also just be about being old bedridden and being filled with regret for not focusing on what matters. The amount of possibilities i’ve come up with make it impossible to narrow it down. I refuse to look it up online because that would obviously spoil it and be taking the easy way out. I am completely stuck as of now but truth be told it is kind of fun. Its like watching a good movie or successfully putting a puzzle together. I guess only time will tell if i end up enjoying poetry this time around.




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