I was generally very good about my virtues, except with a few exceptions. I was lacking with the virtues of order, industry, silence, and moderation.  For one thing i completely forgot to do this, so that is a mark in the chart. I was generally very lazy all throughout the break, and especially the days we had to keep track of. I got about nothing important done. Moderation was also an issue for me. I usually over indulge myself, and these days were no exception. On one particular day, I succumbed to the dewberry burst. As for the other virtues however, I was very good, as I am usually good with them normally anyway. Ethically, the experiment highlights the importance of ethics in the daily life. If nothing else, I think Benjamin Franklin’s ethics experiment helped to keep ethics at the front(or back) of my mind, when they otherwise wouldn’t be. This can make a dramatic difference in the lives of many people. Personally, i do not think it would have much effect on me, even if i took special care to pay attention to it. I already sort of have my own ethical chart in my brain, and while I don’t follow all of them, i take other ones very seriously. Putting it on a piece of paper for me to keep track of would violate my ethical code. In short, while i think the experiment is effective t opening my eyes to my behavior in a comprehensive fashion, that presents cold, hard data to back up its claims, it still will nit show any real effects on my behavior. As for other people, this could be very different. I think it is an important thing, and its more concrete than the silly self help threads that people read on twitter. Ultimately, something like this could ave a very real and tangible use in the world today, and it is a shame that more people do not try a thing like this, even if it wasn’t particularly effective for me. While Ben certainly was not the best behaved, he was full of good ideas, and i have to commend him for coming up with this and trying it. A wise man once said that silly behavior equals silly grades, but a wiser man would keep track of their behavior by organizing it ethically. I really support this experiment, even if it isn’t the thing for me, because i wish more people would pay more closer attention to their values in their daily lives, and realize how incredibly dumb and hypocritical they really are. This really bothers me, so in the end i, of course, think that Ben’s ideas could be effective fr this reason. Even though they didn’t help me, I think maybe with trying harder it could, even just a little. And Christmas break is kind of a bad time to do it anyway. But in the end, it wasn’t all bad, and i didn’t hate it that much.

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