I still really hate poetry. I don’t mind reading the occasional poem on my own time with a good incentive. But especially when we get into determining rythem, meter and such, i can not stand it. I still have absolutely no idea how to find meter. I thought i had it down, but i was wrong. I also think that finding a particular meaning in a work can, in many cases, defeat the purpose of poetry, and writing as a whole. This doesn’t just apply to writing of course. Under thew assumption that writing and poetry is considered art, or at least artful in nature, since it is a form of expression, and so is art, trying to bottle it into one clear meaning destroys the beauty of it. Some pieces of course, have set, and clear meanings. Historical poems and things of the sort with defined ideas clearly exist to serve one clear purpose. However, a large amount of poetry is not clearly defined. If the author wanted us to know exactly what he was saying at the time, he/she would have said it clearly. Its motivations are hidden behind figurative language and other literary devices not because the author wanted us to work, but because its about what the reader gets out of it just as much as what the writer got out of it. There’s a reason that the author chooses to write about their feelings and such through poems and stories, rather than simply writing about them in a straightforward manner. Breaking it down to a science completely ruins poetry. This si why I don’t like it. Its probably the same case for many others my age. Its just not a logical system for analyzing a work. Perhaps there’s not a better way t do it, but in that case its probably better ti abandon poetry all together rather than ruining it for a generation of young folk. This bothers me, because i’m not opposed to the idea of poetry, but the way it is treated in school really turns me off from the whole thing. So, in conclusion, I am really not a fan of this whole poetry thing, and am yet to start enjoying it.



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