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Blog 10

My topic for debate is Technology in Education on the pro side. This is not my full position on this topic because I am mixed on it because it is easier for students, it also gives multiple distractions along the way. I do not know that much about this topic but I can’t wait to learn more and actually form my own opinion on it. But I do know that the main points of interest are That it gives students an easier outlet to do their work because it would be easier for them since they grew up on this technology. But the downside to that is since they did grow up on this technology they could possibly find loopholes on not doing their work or hacking the system or just gives distractions for the students and then they don’t get their work done. If I do a basic google search it gives me a positive side of this topic and doesn’t give any negatives. My plan to go into this in a logical way is to first do many google searches and find information on both sides of this topic. The next thing I would do is to try and find a book or two in the library because even though the topic is technology in education someone has had to publish a book on the topic. If I can’t find a book I will go back to the google searches and read as many pages as possible trying to find the best information and disregard the falsehoods that could possibly be in the articles too. I honestly do not see any ethical issues with this topic. The fun of not knowing that much on a topic is when I do the research I might find one or maybe five ethical issues with this topic.  I really don’t think emotions can be played into this topic because it really isn’t political or religious, or something like that where people are definitely divided on it. I feel like this topic is either you are on its side or you aren’t on its side just because of the articles you’ve read.

Late but done

When we got this project I figured that it was going to be really easy to do, but in reality that is not the case at all. The one I thought that would be the hardest for me was frugality because I am terrible at saving money but it was actually courage. I did not realize how much I hold myself back throughout the day every day. The easiest one for me was cleanliness, it should be the easiest for everyone, every day you should get a shower because if not that is gross.  I did fail order a few times because my room got really messy because of the stuff I got for Christmas, I just didn’t know where to put everything. Resolution for me was pretty easy because when my family does something throughout the day we usually complete it. Humility was still easy for me because I have never really bragged about anything because the way I look at it, there is always someone better than you, so why bring others down talking so highly of yourself when there is someone else who is better at that activity than you. Silence was another one that was really hard for me to do, living with an eleven-year-old kind of gets on your nerves sometimes and sometimes on a daily basis where you say things you regret. Patience was somewhat easy but that is because I had to remind myself to wait it out so I only failed that once. Tranquility and Learning were the two that I did not fail at all because accidents do happen and you can’t let it get to you, and learning is pretty fun when you actually want to learn about it. So learning might’ve been the one I completed the most. Frugality I did fail once because I was too anxious to wait. I knew I was getting a record player for Christmas so I went out and bought a Creedence Clearwater Revival record three days before Christmas. I also completed Justice the entire experiment because I don’t like to hurt others mentally or physically especially to benefit myself, I think that is wrong no matter who you are. Moderation did get me a few times because it is sometimes hard to avoid going a little too far. Chasity is something that really should not be shared in a school environment, I believe that is their personal business. I thought this experiment was very interesting in the fact that it made me stop sometimes throughout the day and think, should I really do that or not? because most people usually do not take the time to stop and think for a moment. This experiment helped me realize that when you do try to be the perfect person you are guaranteed to fail because there is always something you will miss because you are focused on another thing. This experiment also helped me realize that it is ok to be imperfect, that when you strive for perfection you will get lost in that dream and make your imperfections more noticeable to others around you.

Blog 6

My first thought about a short story when we started this project was about three guys in WWII and how they come together in a time of terror and negativity. It was about an American soldier, a Japanese soldier, and a German soldier who under some weird circumstances all met up after the war and became the best of friends. As their friendship grew they started to spread positivity and love when everyone was still struck with shock and grieve after the bloody war. But now my short story is about the mafia. It is about a mob hitman and his journey for vengeance against another mob boss. The journey he takes started with the sadness about hearing his father was brutally murdered and then it shifts completely to a darker theme when the main character’s sanity snaps and all he wants is the head of the man responsible. But I left the ending as a hint that there might be a second story to finally conclude this story.

My story changed so much that it started out in WWII and it ended up in the 1970’s New York mob story. It changed because mostly the concept of war is usually seen as something like WWI or WWII not like a war that is fought in the streets of a residential area and in the middle of a huge city. So I tried to challenge myself to write a story about war that is set in modern day New York City. The change mostly came from my ideas on how my first story would have gone, so I figured out that I could write a better story if I wrote it this way. I like how my story is now more realistic and not more fictional in a way. There are still some things I do not like about my story. In my opinion, it is still too short and I need to write more to actually complete the story.

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