My topic for debate is Technology in Education on the pro side. This is not my full position on this topic because I am mixed on it because it is easier for students, it also gives multiple distractions along the way. I do not know that much about this topic but I can’t wait to learn more and actually form my own opinion on it. But I do know that the main points of interest are That it gives students an easier outlet to do their work because it would be easier for them since they grew up on this technology. But the downside to that is since they did grow up on this technology they could possibly find loopholes on not doing their work or hacking the system or just gives distractions for the students and then they don’t get their work done. If I do a basic google search it gives me a positive side of this topic and doesn’t give any negatives. My plan to go into this in a logical way is to first do many google searches and find information on both sides of this topic. The next thing I would do is to try and find a book or two in the library because even though the topic is technology in education someone has had to publish a book on the topic. If I can’t find a book I will go back to the google searches and read as many pages as possible trying to find the best information and disregard the falsehoods that could possibly be in the articles too. I honestly do not see any ethical issues with this topic. The fun of not knowing that much on a topic is when I do the research I might find one or maybe five ethical issues with this topic.  I really don’t think emotions can be played into this topic because it really isn’t political or religious, or something like that where people are definitely divided on it. I feel like this topic is either you are on its side or you aren’t on its side just because of the articles you’ve read.