4 character project

the outsiders is a book about a group of greasers and socs who don’t necessarily get along. johnny is the gangs pet and the one who got it the worst from the socs. he was jumped and badly hurt. the gang said they’ve seen johnny hurt by his dad, but never this bad. johnny doesn’t feel welcome and thinks that the second he turns his back at his house he’ll be getting belted for no reason at all.


ponyboy is darry and sodapops younger brother. darry is his guardian  but not his first guardian. the Curtis’  mother and father died in an automotive accident and darry is now the “parent.” pony feels that darry doesn’t like him because hes always getting yelled at for stupid things. if he brings home a b it should be an a. but one night, pony snapped at darry and darry hit him, hard. he met  johnny at the lot and told him whats wrong by saying, “darry, he hit me” on page 51.

two bit is a very interesting character. he steals a lot and is always holding up gas stations. pony says he could walk into a convenience store and walk back out with half of it. two bit is the big brute of the gang and maybe the toughest. but according to the gang hes the trouble maker. no one really knows his real name because everyone always calls him two bit but his real name is Keith. “We’re gonna see him and if you give me any static you’ll end up on your own “We’re gonna see him and if you give me any static you’ll end up on your own operatin’ table.” on page 125 two bit operatin’ table.” on page 109 two bit says this to cherry valance the “soc spy” for the greasers so he knows how they fight, so he can fight the same way.

darry is the man of the house, the leader of the gang, the big dog. since his parents died, he runs the house and keeps the other two under control.  if any of them get in big trouble, they’ll be split up and put into foster homes. he says the reason he pushes pony to do his best is because he sees potential in him and knows how smart he is. also, he wants pony to have a good life and be able to go to college unlike darry. also, he knows how athletic pony is just like darry.



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