The Virus Is Lurking Outside Your House

  The book that I am currently reading is the restaurant at the end of the universe. I have read this before and as I am reading I remember what happens so I am probably going to switch over to It which I have never read. It is by Douglas Adams and it is the second of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series. However, now that the Bubonic plague is sweeping across the land and the masses are hiding in their homes, all libraries around here are closed, so I guess I’m stuck with it. 

    I was actually kind of looking forward to watching Vertigo, except due to the unfortunate aforementioned plague, that won’t be happening for a seemingly indefinite amount of time. The research I did helped me to get a bit of a better background for what Alfred Hitchcock really did for film, because while I was aware he was influential and extremely good at what he did, the only Hitchcock film I could even name was The Birds. I have actually seen this movie, and it did not really give Hitchcock the greatest spotlight, as I’m sure that this couldn’t possibly be his best work.

    The transcendentalism unit (which, coincidentally, I was certainly not just thinking about) is one that I am partially split about. I understand that the deep meanings that Whitman conveys through his tangled forest of symbolism are important and insightful, part of the shock of realization comes once you finally decode the messages and see what he has been trying to say the entire time. I

     cannot help but think that if Whitman wrote this poem in a manner that people did not have to put in great effort to understand, his poem would not have been nearly as influential as it is now. At their base, I cannot help but think that his ideas are some that it would be within people’s boundaries to say “I could have thought of that” (whether this is true or not) rather than have them say “I never could have written like that, he must be smart.”  I believe this says something significant about this form of poetry, but, as with all poetry, it is up to you to decide what.

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