Setting- The Da Vinci Code

“The Da Vinci Code” is actually heavily influenced by the setting. The main setting for the story so far is Paris, France, specifically the Louvre. France is a deeply Roman Catholic country with the majority of their citizens following the religion, so it makes sense to have the story take place there due to the heavy use of religion as the main topic. But not only is France a deeply religious country but also has a deep scientific and intellectual side. This makes it the perfect setting for this story due to the convergence of science and religion in this story. On the religious side we have Opus Dei and on the scientific side we have the Priory of Sion, and the story shows the view from both sides while the reader goes through the book. One example of the setting influencing the story is when Professor Langdon is accused of the murder. Since, Langdon is in a foreign country the police look upon him as an outsider before looking at the critical evidence. This also influences the story when Sofie suggests that Professor Langdon must reach the U.S Embassy for him to be safe from the French Police. Specifically the Louvre is also a major part of the plot due to what the Louvre represents. The Louvre holds some of the most influential works of art from the most famous thinkers and artists of all time, so it would make sense for such a historically important secret to take place within the Louvre. On a more physical view of the setting is how it traps Professor Langdon within it. When Langdon discovers his tracking device he decides to throw it out of the bathroom window onto a truck to make it appear as if he was fleeing the murder scene. This is important because it leads the police on a chase throughout the city, which allows for Langdon to escape. I believe that was the most influential moment that the setting had on the story. Also, when Sauniere is killed it is difficult for the first responders to get to him due to the Louvre security gate, this then leads to Sauniers cryptic message.

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Humor in “The Da Vinci Code”

   Humor is relatively common in “The Da Vinci Code” which I thought was surprising because it is a murder mystery. Most situations that I found funny take place between Professor Langdon and Captain Fache. Since they have polar opposite personalities when they interact the awkwardness is amusing. In my last blog I compared Professor Langdon to Sherlock Holmes and I think another connection between the two men, besides their intelligence, is their humor. Both of them are sarcastic which is shown while they are displaying or withholding their smarts. One example of this is when Professor Langdon and Bezu Fache are meeting each other for the first time. In the beginning stages of the book Langdon tells the reader about the French people’s opinion on the architecture of the glass pyramid that is the Louvre. He says that many Conservative French “felt it destroyed the dignity of the Renaissance Courtyard.” Later on in the story Bezu Fache asks Professor Langdon about his opinion of the Louvre’s architecture. Langdon and the reader both know that the question is fishing for a wrong answer and Langdon gives it to them. He responds with “yes, your pyramid is magnificent.” This just demonstrates how tired Langdon is from his late night and it also adds some humor to a serious story. In my opinion it is difficult to add more humor to this story because all of the humor comes from one character, which is Professor Langdon. Realistically, if anymore humor would be added to this story it would have to come from him, otherwise it would mess up the characterization. But if I had to add a comedic situation into the story I would love to see Captain Fache do something funny because of his usual serious nature. In the book Professor Langdon requests to go to the bathroom and Captain Fache responds with “Shall I accompany you?”. In the book Langdon states “not necessary”, but instead I would just have Langdon peer at Captain Fache as if he was waiting for Captain Fache to rephrase his question. I think this would be funny because it would add Captain Fache to a cringe worthy situation.

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Professor Langdon and Captain Fache

The main character in “The Da Vinci Code” is Professor Robert Langdon. So far, Langdon has become one of my favorite book characters in a long time. I enjoy how he can be very relatable. Some of my favorite TV shows I like just because they are relatable, but I have not related to a character in a book like this for awhile. I think it’s funny that he is relatable because he is nothing like me. He is a middle aged, Harvard graduate, intellectual, but the author still finds a way to make him relatable to the common reader. The author does this by writing about his inner thoughts. This is most prevalent when he is thinking about what to say and what not to say while talking to Bezu Fache. He withholds some information just because he does not want to make the conversation awkward, especially when the topic of religion comes up. Professor Langdon reminds me of a modern version of Sherlock Holmes. He is a very smart man, not extremely social, and even though he is the good guy of the book he finds himself getting in trouble with the law. One of the other main characters is Captain Bezu Fache. Captain Fache appears to be a man that takes his job very seriously. He seems like the type of person that when he enters the room it gets completely silent. Professor Langdon gets the same impression of Captain Fache as he notes in the book that he does not get a welcoming vibe from the Captain. In my opinion when I read the story Captain Fache appears to have a grey personality. He shows up to work does his job and goes home, that is it. He does not beat around the bush and he is a guy you would not want to spend time hanging out with. In the book Captain Fache has an important role. While Langon is observing Sauniere’s body, Fache becomes a helpful person to bounce ideas off of for Langdon. But towards the end of Chapter 8 it appears that Captain Fache has a suspicion that Professor Langdon is the murderer.

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The Da Vinci Code

   I am currently reading “The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown. “The Da Vinci Code” is the second of a three book series which includes “Angels & Demons”,“The Da Vinci Code”, and “Inferno”. I decided to read this book because I watched the movie versions of each book and I wanted to compare them. Also, I have a favorite and least favorite movie and I wanted to see if it would be the same for the books. The book is about Professor Robert Langdon who is an American but is currently overseas. The story follows him on his pursuit of uncovering one of the most influential secrets in history. It all starts when a curator at the Louvre is murdered. His unusual death makes the police go to Professor Langdon for his expertise on symbology. Professor Langdon is given clues to help solve the secret in the form of art pieces made by the most famous artists in history. The secret that Professor Langdon is trying to uncover has been kept under wraps by a Secret Society in the Catholic Church named Opus Dei for thousands of years. While Opus Dei is trying to keep the secret quiet there is another secret society called the Priory of Sion who is trying to keep the secret alive. The Priory was made up of some of the most important thinkers in history and their goal was to make sure the secret was passed on from generation to generation. Working against Professor Langdon is a monk named Silas who works for Opus Dei. He is an albino and is the man who murdered the curator at the Louvre. Professor Langdon appears to be a nice man who is more focused on his craft more than his social life. He does not like all the fame and attention he receives from his previous journeys. Also, he is an intellectual who graduated from Harvard and he is a man of high class. The story begins in modern day Paris, France.Image result for louvre

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