Blog 13: Song of Myself

I do not understand this poem, but to be honest I really haven’t put in the time to understand it. I did my lines for my project and I looked up what other people thought they meant and that helped a little bit to understand it better. I think with work like this, I need to be guided a little bit in the beginning to get the right beginning understanding. When I first got my lines for the project I did not understand them. When I play puzzle games, I never figure them out on my own, I never have the patience to figure them out on my own. I always look up the answers, and that’s the fun I have playing the game. I do not have fun figuring out the puzzle, I get frustrated. So I think that’s why i get frustrated trying to decode these pieces of work. But I do like looking up the answers, and learning what they mean, and then understanding it from my own perspective. I don’t really understand why this applies to Transcendentalism. I think I had a few lines that applied to nature and men. My favorite line that I got in the “Song to Myself” project is “Bearing the owner’s name someway in the corners, that we may see and remark, and say Whose?”. I think this is super powerful because it’s saying we need to acknowledge who owns the land we live on. Meaning we need to respect mother nature’s land. I think this applies to noadays greatly. With the amount of plastic we make, fumes we release in the air, trash and waste we put in water, etc (all the terrible stuff we do and make) I think it’s saying we need to start to respect and understand the importance of respecting the earth. The Earth will only be around as long as we let it. I think this is in our control. So we need to stop being greedy humans, and learn to respect and treat things right… Which might be a hard thing to teach humans, but overtime it will get better.

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