Blog 12: Thoreau’s Attempt

I’m going to put this in question form and write underneath it:

What connections can you make between Thoreau’s thoughts and Emerson’s?
Both Thoreau and Emerson love nature. They both lived at Walden park. They both also believed you should find truths with natures help

What is the main idea of the first portion of the excerpt “Where I Lived and What I Lived For?” What is the main point of “The Conclusion?”
The conclusion of the story talks about his departure from the woods. He explains this as moving from one point in life to another.

What would be the benefits of Thoreau’s leaving behind society to live in the woods experiment? What would you miss? Could you do it?
I think there would be great benefits from living in the woods without technology and away from people. I think it’s important to clear your mind here and there. So it would be extremely good for you to be away from everything and just have free time to think what you want to think, and just keep focus on staying alive and finding food and shelter. After all, humans did it before, so we should be able to do it now. Good for him for doing this modern day as well, I think that makes it much harder. Giving up everything that’s available today, to go on your own… pretty awesome.

I used to be outside all the time when I was younger, I didn’t play with toys or dolls, I was outside. I would build forts out of sticks and leaves… But I don’t think I would be able to do it without my family or being around people. Socializing is very important to me, and I’m very dependent on my family.

What should a modern reader take out of anything we’ve read in regards to Transcendentalism? Why?
Transcendentalism is very prevalent in our modern world today… It basically says that nature is the center of everything. So we need to protect it at all costs. There is great harm we are putting into nature today. I think we need to shape up and understand Transcendentalism.

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