End of Poetry

The “Dodos Conundrum” poem was very interesting. At first I really didn’t understand it, but then Mr. McGarry kind of laid it out to us while reading it. I thought it was creative how the author explained things using different words. He gave his ideas different characteristics, to make it more of a puzzle. I don’t think the author wanted his poem to be easy to figure out. I think the author purposely made it hard to figure out. Doing the sound and sense question were much easier with this poem because we were given that head start by McGarry. It was super helpful in getting us to understand the story a little faster and better in the long run. He also kind of pointed out important parts that would help us with a sound and sense question in our google classroom. Poetry has changed dramatically changed the way I look at things. I think there is many things in life that aren’t just going to come out and give us the answer. So I truly think poetry helps us get practice in being able to figure stuff in life out on our own. Life is kinda like your own poem… you have to figure it out as you go. I feel like this poetry unit was much shorter than it has been in previously years. I was like holy crap that went by super super fast. I feel as though we have only been studying poetry for 2 weeks. Overall, I had a good experience with this unit.

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