Sometimes I hate poetry, sometimes I love it. I like being the one writing the poem and making everyone else figure it out. I can sit down and dissect a poem if I really want to, but I need to be motivated.

I find myself wanting to create a combination of words that mean something powerful. It sounds perfect in my head and I type it out or write it out, and it’s just not what I imagined. So I get frustrated. I hate the part of poetry where there’s rhyme or a pattern. I like the ones that are that person ideas splatted on a piece of paper/document. It really comes from the heart then. There’s no time to make it rhyme, because you have to get it off your chest fast.

The only time I like poetry being organized and with rhythm or rhyme is about something funny. Like Dr. Suess books. The whole book is one poem and it amazes me about how he had the idea to come up with these amazing books with such creativity.

I hated the poem “Eldorado” at first because I didn’t understand it. I just needed to see how somebody else viewed it to realize how I view it myself. I have trouble finding meaning in words or meaning in the line. I just don’t understand that. And that why I really enjoy free verse from the heart.

Mrs. Schultz told us in 9th grade that most rap songs or pop songs that we listen to everyday is a poem. They use rhythm and rhyme and patterns and we didn’t even know it. Ever since that day I listen to the lyrics of songs that catch my ear, and I imagine the lyrics on a piece of paper in my head.

I wouldn’t say I love poetry, but I don’t hate it.

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