Elements to add to my story

Comparing “the hate U give“, to the story that I’m going to write will be interesting. I don’t think the two stories are really going to vibe together. I think I’m gonna go for a different tone in my story. The characters are going to have way different personalities. In “the hate U give“ the characters are all children/young adults/teenagers, and I think my story is going to be more about adults, to give it more of a mature theme. I’m still thinking everything through and I don’t really know the character traits that I’m going to give my characters yet. I’m a much better writer when I just wing it, and then go through and add details. I’m not sure which six word story I’m going to use for my story yet so I’m not really sure which conflict I’m going to use. The 6 word story I used was “for sale; baby shoes, never worn“. I think this would be a great one to have kind of an emotional appeal to the story. The reader might have an attachment/have an emotional feel because in my story I was planning on the baby dying. So that story I might write might be extremely sad, and I might develop the characters for when they were younger. Maybe the baby died because of karma. Maybe the mom or dad did something awful when they were younger and God wants them to pay. Something that could have detail like, that I don’t necessarily need to believe in. The other one Would also have an emotional appeal the six word story at that I chose was “please this is everything I have“. I was planning on basing it around a family whose dad got involved in the mafia, and he made a mistake and they came after him. They wanted everything the family had or they were going to take the kids away.They couldn’t involve the police either because then the dad would be going to jail for something that he didn’t do. If anyone has an attachment to their family, and their family means a lot to them this will be emotional.

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