Setting in “The Devil and Tom Walker”

In “The Devil and Tom Walker” it is very important that Washington Irving uses setting to utilize the hypocrisy of the Puritans at the time. There are characters that are revealed throughout the story that are important to the setting. In the story the devil is it name because Tom thinks that it will give him power. Tom called the devil “Old Scratch”, and other names he was given were “ Black huntsman“, “ The black miner”, and “ The wild huntsman“. In the story Tom lives in a swamp, and this adds to the spooky feeling of the devil. The setting is also super important because at the time (1727), people were incredibly religious. So it’s kind of ironic that Tom is making a deal with the person everyone around him hates or despises. Tom is so greedy he doesn’t care about What anyone else thinks of him. He doesn’t care that he’s making a deal with the devil, he only cares that he’s making money off for himself. The story takes place in Boston. Kid the pirate buried his money near Boston, and Tom wanted it. So that’s why he made the deal with the devil, because of his greed. If Tom wasnt looking for kid the Pirates treasure, then maybe we won’t realize how greedy he was. The whole reason he ran into the devil was because he took the shortcut, and started digging for treasure. He found a skull and a hatchet. And the devil came out and offered him a deal. Tom questioned what he was doing on this land, because it belong to Deacon Peabody. The devil explain to him that the trees represented people that he had made deals with. Tom didn’t realize that the devil also had a wood burner, and he used the trees to create heat for himself. Which is a metaphor of using people. This was a Porten setting because it was foreshadowing what would later happen to Tom after he made the deal with the devil. The reader is knew no good was going to happen after Tom made the deal with the devil.

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