October 2019 archive

The evolution of my short story

My story when I initially thought it out was much different than it is now. I think my initial thought for the story would’ve been too long. I had to leave out some details or my story would’ve been a book. When I first started writing my story I wanted the main character to be really money obsessed, probably inspired from “the Devil and Tom Walker”, When I was writing my story I couldn’t quite figure out how to add details that would say that he’s money obsessed. He’s kind of just a normal man in my story now. I also wanted Steve to be interacting with the mafia, but in my story it’s more like he’s interacting with maybe some drug lords. I really don’t like my story right now, I feel everything is really rushed and very expected. I feel like you already know what’s coming as a reader. I also feel like I’m much better at writing upbeat, funny stories for kids. I think I settled on a six word story that I really didn’t have a vision for. I also don’t really know much about drug lords or the mafia so I didn’t know what they hire people to do. I didn’t really research what they either. When I start really finishing up my story I’m going to change some things around. I really stuck to what i originally planned things out to be because I thought we weren’t really supposed to change things up. But I realized everyone’s stories are going to change ways once you begin writing and changing things up. Some things don’t work the way you want them to or some things don’t make sense, or you can’t add the right details to make that detail make sense. I enjoy writing, I’m pretty good at it. But that is the part I hate. When I have a vision and can’t put it down on paper.

Elements to add to my story

Comparing “the hate U give“, to the story that I’m going to write will be interesting. I don’t think the two stories are really going to vibe together. I think I’m gonna go for a different tone in my story. The characters are going to have way different personalities. In “the hate U give“ the characters are all children/young adults/teenagers, and I think my story is going to be more about adults, to give it more of a mature theme. I’m still thinking everything through and I don’t really know the character traits that I’m going to give my characters yet. I’m a much better writer when I just wing it, and then go through and add details. I’m not sure which six word story I’m going to use for my story yet so I’m not really sure which conflict I’m going to use. The 6 word story I used was “for sale; baby shoes, never worn“. I think this would be a great one to have kind of an emotional appeal to the story. The reader might have an attachment/have an emotional feel because in my story I was planning on the baby dying. So that story I might write might be extremely sad, and I might develop the characters for when they were younger. Maybe the baby died because of karma. Maybe the mom or dad did something awful when they were younger and God wants them to pay. Something that could have detail like, that I don’t necessarily need to believe in. The other one Would also have an emotional appeal the six word story at that I chose was “please this is everything I have“. I was planning on basing it around a family whose dad got involved in the mafia, and he made a mistake and they came after him. They wanted everything the family had or they were going to take the kids away.They couldn’t involve the police either because then the dad would be going to jail for something that he didn’t do. If anyone has an attachment to their family, and their family means a lot to them this will be emotional.

Setting in “The Devil and Tom Walker”

In “The Devil and Tom Walker” it is very important that Washington Irving uses setting to utilize the hypocrisy of the Puritans at the time. There are characters that are revealed throughout the story that are important to the setting. In the story the devil is it name because Tom thinks that it will give him power. Tom called the devil “Old Scratch”, and other names he was given were “ Black huntsman“, “ The black miner”, and “ The wild huntsman“. In the story Tom lives in a swamp, and this adds to the spooky feeling of the devil. The setting is also super important because at the time (1727), people were incredibly religious. So it’s kind of ironic that Tom is making a deal with the person everyone around him hates or despises. Tom is so greedy he doesn’t care about What anyone else thinks of him. He doesn’t care that he’s making a deal with the devil, he only cares that he’s making money off for himself. The story takes place in Boston. Kid the pirate buried his money near Boston, and Tom wanted it. So that’s why he made the deal with the devil, because of his greed. If Tom wasnt looking for kid the Pirates treasure, then maybe we won’t realize how greedy he was. The whole reason he ran into the devil was because he took the shortcut, and started digging for treasure. He found a skull and a hatchet. And the devil came out and offered him a deal. Tom questioned what he was doing on this land, because it belong to Deacon Peabody. The devil explain to him that the trees represented people that he had made deals with. Tom didn’t realize that the devil also had a wood burner, and he used the trees to create heat for himself. Which is a metaphor of using people. This was a Porten setting because it was foreshadowing what would later happen to Tom after he made the deal with the devil. The reader is knew no good was going to happen after Tom made the deal with the devil.