Comedy in The Hate U Give

In the book “The Hate U Give”, There isn’t much comedy yet… I don’t know if there will be. In the book there was a shooting at one of the school parties the main character went to, named Starr. I really don’t think it would be appropriate to add humor in the book when this is happening. Shootings are such a big thing nowadays, I think people would be offended if the author added a sense of humor after a shooting just happened. In the beginning of the book there was my mild humor. Here and there at find myself smiling over something I related to when I was at a party. There was a few moments where Starr was awkward because she didn’t have people to talk to and the author kind of made it humorous. I think that would be an example of farce comedy. I think this because Starr is put in a situation, awkwardness, and she does her best to make it not awkward. I also kind of found it funny relating to the mean girls that we’re treating Starr poorly at the beginning of the book. They were so cringe it was hilarious. This is almost an example of comedy of manners because these girls think they’re better than everyone, and find it OK to treat Starr poorly because she doesn’t go to their school or dress like they do or hang out with the people that they hang out with. There is also some references about drugs and gangs and I think could be kind of considered humorous to the right person. This would be an example of low comedy due to the fact that they are almost like “dirty jokes“ but drug related… But other than that there is no comedy yet in the book “The Hate U Give”. I think the author is going to try to add a few ideas of comedy later on in the book. The book is so popular for teenagers, I think it would need to have more sense of comedy/humor. Teenagers love to laugh in my opinion

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