Banning Assault Weapons

The topic of debate is the banning of Assault Weapons. I have to debate that gun control is the right thing to do. This is far from the side of the debate I am on and I know enough about it to not want it to happen. With a quick google search, I can find all about gun control and barely any about going against it. A logical way to address this debate would be being very informed on my side of the topic but also on the other side of the topic so I can figure out ways to counter-argue and not look uninformed and “stupid” in the debate. The ethical issue regarding the pro side of banning Assault Weapons is so many people are killed by assault weapons and really needs to stop. Although I do not think banning guns will really solve that issue. Many gangs use guns and sell illegal drugs as a business. Al Capone was known for many illegal businesses from things that are ILLEGAL and BANNED things. So if you ban guns people can just make businesses off it and get more money because they are hard to get and illegal. This has been a very controversial topic for a very long time and needs to be addressed in a mature manner. It is a very sensitive topic especially to people who have lost family members to gun violence but you can not blame it on the gun you really have to blame it on the person holding it. If no one was touching the gun it could not do anything but if someone was holding it then if they pull the trigger it shoots. Guns are not living so they can not do what living things do. It is pretty strict on getting guns especially because you get a background check every single time you go to the counter to buy a gun. You could buy a gun and then go right back 5 minutes later and still get a background check again no matter what. I do believe maybe they could put a little stricter gun regulations but not completely take them away.

Virtues Experiment

I think the virtues experiment will not be that bad because although I am far from morally perfect most of them are not hard to do. I feel order will be the hardest because I am never organized and I do not like having a schedule because evidently, I will never follow it. I would have to say the easiest would probably be silence because I do not talk often. If I do speak, it is usually to contribute and I like to joke around with people. Temperance I will absolutely break at Christmas because I love ham and food and then I eat dessert so I will definitely go into a food coma. I procrastinate with almost everything especially on break so I will break resolution and industry. As I went through the days I found that I was correct with my prediction. I for sure broke temperance on the 25th as I am sure almost everyone has because it is Christmas and that is one day along with Thanksgiving where you can pig out. Silence was easy because I did not talk very much I was mostly in my room and I do not like talking to my family that much. Order was by far one of my worst ones because I am almost never organized even when my family came over. After Christmas, it got worse because of all the clutter. Also, I never use a schedule because it just gives me anxiety which is weird because you would think it would make my life easier. Resolution was another bad virtue because I did not do the things I should have done on time and instead of waiting for the last minute even though I had plenty of time. Frugality did not work so well either beings I got money for Christmas and ended up spending it on industrial barbells and things for my room. Although I did spend some of the money on things for my parents and things they would love. Industry was the second one that was the worst because I did absolutely nothing over the break besides go to a job interview and I have not started the job yet. Other than that I did not use my time as I should have and do my project or homework. However, I thought it was a pretty good use of my break because I am very lazy. Wisdom I did not have to use because I didn’t come into contact with anything I had to use it for. Along with sincerity, I didn’t have anything to lie for and I rarely lie unless for a good reason which there are not many. Justice I also did not need to use because it was pretty much irrelevant besides people being caring for Christmas and doing good. Mercy was irrelevant as well because I did not need to forgive anyone which if I did I usually do just not right away. I am a clean person so I did not find cleanliness hard besides cleaning my room which I did end up doing because it did get too messy. Chasity was also not hard to follow as well as humility because I do not like bragging or thinking I am better than anyone. Last but not least Pride. It was not hard, I am very proud of myself all around just not with my procrastination and order but other than that I think I am fine.

“The Dodo’s Conundrum”

I did not understand “The Dodo’s Conundrum” at all. No matter how many times I read it, it just would not make sense. Mr. McGarry said that every other stanza is a different setting which sort of helped but not much. Poems like these give poetry such a bad name because not many people would understand it. Who wants to read a poem where you would not understand any of it. I figured the theme was something like “Not everything you see it out to be is what others see it out to be.” I thought that because every stanza sounded like it changed from looking at the world from a beautiful perspective then it would change to a negative perception of the world. So I thought every other stanza was a different person talking or maybe the same guy who either has bipolar disorder or depression and it changes from when he was happy to him now depressed. I still do not understand the whole setting or what is going on other than trying to come up with the theme only because of McGarry’s help saying every other stanza was a different setting. It was very hard trying to fill out the sound and sense questions because I didn’t see much figurative language or I could not find the answers to most of the questions. I’m surprised I could think of a theme that made enough sense to explain it as well. Filling out the sound and sense questions for “Eldorado” was much easier because I understood most of it and the setting. Although I got the theme wrong it was much easier than “The Dodo’s Conundrum”. Also, writing hasn’t helped me much with reading poems because I just do not have much interest in poems.

Is Poetry That Bad?

Before we looked into poetry I thought it was extremely boring. I hated the thought of scansion, and I just do not comprehend it at all. I don’t read them right when determining its trochaic or iambic. In 9th grade, all we did was iambic so they did not teach us how to determine if it was trochaic or any other. Most times it sounds right for sounding iambic out then tetrameter right so then I get more confused. Then reading and understanding poems is kind of hard as well. Especially when they use words that make it harder to understand what is going on in the story. I also think it is hard to find diction, allusions, some other literary terms and sometimes the theme. The worst poem I read for class was “Aphrodite” by Daniel Hoffman because it was very boring and it was about beauty. I despise poems about love, beauty, and all the mushy things. They make the poem boring and hard to concentrate on reading it. Whereas eerie poems like The Raven, the author makes it more interested and puts in action without really putting in action. It also makes it much easier to concentrate and make you want to read more. They make poetry less unbearable to read. My favorite poem to read was “Out, Out” by Robert Frost, which is about a boy on a farm who is cutting wood with a chainsaw when his sister comes to tell him supper is ready. When his sister comes to tell him, she startles him and he jumps making the chainsaw fly out of his hands making them come back down cutting his hand off and he dies by the time the doctor comes. This was also a true story that happened to Robert Frost’s friend’s son. I also like Eldorado because it is eerie and makes it interesting that he was so desperate for Eldorado that he got directions from a shadow and they were wrong, obviously. Then he ended up dying. Shocker? Poetry is not all that bad if you understand it and pick the right poems that interest you.

Finishing My Short Story

I was debating whether to choose “Please, this is everything, I swear” and “Found true love, married someone else”. Although I was more creative with “Please, this is everything, I swear”. The difference, though, between my first, initial concept for my short story and my final version of it is not very much. I changed the setting from living in Chicago, Illinois to Cambridge, Massachusetts because I did not know a wealthy college in Chicago and I figured you would expect more responsibility from a student at Harvard because they are more than likely rich, very smart, and should be responsible. Unlike living in Chicago it would be full of crime, which would fit into Zoricus’s character but like every place, there is more than likely a “ghetto” place. Going to college in Chicago you really would not expect much from people from the stigma that Chicago has for being full of crime and a very unsafe place to live. What I like about my story is that you would not really expect a goody two shoes who goes to Harvard and is very responsible to get caught up in the wrong crowd. Granted, anyone can get sucked into the wrong crowd but you expect more from someone like Venus because you think she should have her head on her shoulders and know how to say no. So that is why you can take the theme as Do not get caught up in the wrong crowd, it never ends well. Also, no friends are better than bad ones, it is just not worth it. I think my story is well written to a certain extent, but I’m not a very good writer, and I like my concept of the story I do think it is a smart one. I just don’t like that it isn’t very detailed I wish I was more creative. Reading The Devil and Tom Walker is made me think more about the complicating factor more and come up with one. Then reading my book made me think of ways to characterize my characters and think of ways to write my story.

Imitating Elements from “Twisted Fate”

One element I can take from Twisted Fate is innocence. One of the main characters is completely innocent so she doesn’t understand that she shouldn’t trust the new guy in town. It would work into my main character because she is smart, outgoing and very naive. She trusts anyone and has no sense where it tells her something is wrong. This will cause the conflicts because she will trust the biggest drug lord in Massachusetts causing her life to go downhill very fast and leading to more problems. Then it conveys a depressing mood because she got into the wrong crowd because she trusted Zoricus with her friendship. It would fit into the main character, Venus, perfectly with her personality. It incorporates the story because she is the goody-two-shoes of the story and follows all the rules, but then Zoricus comes along realizing that and tests her loyalty to being a goody-two-shoes. Her innocence then fails and causes her life to crash. I chose this because it would fit in well and not many people stay innocent when going to college. An element from the story I could use for Zoricus is manipulation because he knows Venus is a goody two shoes and manipulates her into trusting him and ruining her life. Graham manipulated and Allyson into believing him and letting him into their lives. It works perfectly into the story with innocence. Zoricus manipulates Venus into believing him because she is innocent and doesn’t have that “sixth sense” or her gut feeling, she trusts anyone because she sees the good in people. I chose this because most drug lords are manipulative and do anything to get money and sell drugs. As long as they don’t go to jail and they get their drugs sold that’s all that matters. His manipulations and her innocence cause the main problems.

“Twisted Fate” – Setting

“I remember it so clearly, the day that would change our lives forever: watching the moving van pull out of the driveway of the big old post-and-beam house next door. It was the nicest house in the neighborhood. Rockland is full of these places– mansions actually. Perfect old slate-roofed estates waiting for rich folks to move in.” If this is the only big or wealthy looking house in her neighborhood then it would most likely mean her parents are not very wealthy and probably in the middle class. Also that the whole neighborhood could not afford something like this and are probably in the middle class as well. Although it said Rockland is full of these houses meaning this town is very wealthy with a couple of non-wealthy neighborhoods. The person who is moving into the house next door is obviously rich if they can afford the only mansion in that neighborhood. These characters are all revealed economically. Graham, the teen who lives next door, is revealed economically because it talks about having expensive close and beautiful blonde hair. Stereotypically people with beautiful blond hair are the rich kids. Sydney, the main character, also talks about how her mom is a neat freak when guests come to visit it could mean that although her outside may not look very wealthy she may want to make up for that with the interior. The mother is revealed psychologically beings she is a neat freak and goes crazy about the house’s features. Sydney is revealed also spiritually or psychologically. “And make no mistake, I am dark. Not just dark thoughts and dark humor.” So she is saying she has dark thoughts meaning in her mind making her be revealed through psychologically or spiritually. Also, she is extremely jealous of her sister, with the way she looks and how they look completely different. She questions how they are siblings through blood and not one of them is adopted. The father is revealed economically because he is a carpenter and is never home, he is always working on other people’s houses and always on people’s mansions.

“Follow Me Back”: Humor

In the book follow me back there hardly any humor. There may be a few happy moments but not humor. The story is about Tessa suffers from social anxiety and paranoia. She drops out of school because something bad happened. So terrible to her that she doesn’t even come out of her room. She has a therapist that comes to her bedroom because she has that extreme of social-anxiety and paranoia. She also obsesses over a pop star, Eric Thorn, which makes her social anxiety worse. The reason she drops out of college is because she was at a club dancing with her friends when she gets drunk and she wakes up in some guy’s room. She sees pictures of herself, taken by someone else, in his room. While she was at the club she saw him many times watching her, dressed very creepily. This has happened multiple times before she ended up dropping out. She always feels like she is being watched when she is home in her room so she keeps her blinds closed and room dark. Then later on when she had enough courage to meet a mystery guy, she was kidnapped by the strange man again. Lucky the mystery guy caught him and got Tessa. Although she wasn’t very pleased with the situation. She then went back to being paranoid and anxious. There would not be much humor in something full of sadness and paranoia because those things aren’t very funny. There is not much of the many types of humor you can tie into this book. The only comedy I could think that would tie in and still make sense would be low comedy or farce comedy. Even then I am not sure farce would fit in. Therefore I don’t think there should be much humor in this book. Other than she could have got a restraining order on him and she could have joked about that whole incident as a coping mechanism I suppose. Although I am not into books with humor, I like sad stories or fictional with little humor. I only like humor in movies.

“Follow Me Back”

Tessa is the main character and the author reveals her through her actions and thoughts. She goes to therapy because she is obsessed with a pop star and makes everything about him. She also dropped out of college and is completely anti-social; she wouldn’t even go outside. Although the author made her third-person limited because we do not know much into her thoughts and why she dropped out other than it was something that was bad enough to affect her psychologically. Tessa is the protagonist in the story, a flat character, and a static character. She would also be a stock character, even though she is the main character, she would be the “damsel in distress”. Whereas the second main character is revealed through his thoughts and actions. She doesn’t act very well to conflicts, just kind of shuts down and has panic attacks. She would start crying and freeze in her tracks unable to move. These actions made me feel pity for her and sadness that she couldn’t help herself beings the anxiety and anti-social ness. This also makes her an easier target for one of the other characters in the story. The second main character is Eric Thorn, the pop star Tessa is obsessed with. He talks about how much he hates his fame and the girls only want him for his body. He thinks about trying to make himself look bad just so he gets fired because he can’t stop beings he has a contract. He ends up making a person twitter that his manager or anyone else doesn’t know about and friends Tessa. Eric would probably be the antagonist, third-person omniscient, and round character. Eric’s thoughts make me feel bad for him because he can not get out of what makes him miserable because he has a contract. His actions are the cause of the biggest conflict in the story and it just keeps progressing because of his actions. So then I do not feel bad for him because he makes things worse for Tessa, and he also chose that lifestyle so he should deal with it.

“I Have A Right To”

 The book I chose is “I Have The Right To” and I chose it because it is pretty much my biggest fear of growing up as a woman in today’s society. It is a true story about a female named Chessy who gets sexually harassed by a senior in her freshman year at a boarding school in America. The guy sexually assaulted her as a game his friends put him up to. Her sister talked about when you go to the boarding school a bunch of guys will try to “score you” and if they cant they get mad. The story starts off with her living in Japan because her father is Japanese and is CEO of a company there. Chessy was 12 at the time when a huge earthquake happened and it had a 9.0 magnitude, which was the biggest in Japan. The earthquake was ruining Japan; there were tsunamis drowning people and buildings falling apart. Chessy’s dad told them to move to America and stay in their vacation home in Florida. Her mom was saying it would only be for a little while. Chessy had a rough start at her new private school, but she went on her first date which ended badly anyway. She makes the remark that she feels like her characters changed in a movie. In Japan, she was always the one to welcome newcomers and be the one to show them around. Although she’s the new student now and someone is welcoming her. She was really close to her older sister, Lucy, but she was going to the boarding school. Chessy felt like she was leaving her behind so she would pick fights with her out of nowhere. She then flipped out on her mom and said she was pretty much ruining her life by moving her away from her friends. June came so it was summer break and they went to visit their father in Japan. Most of Chessy’s friends weren’t there anymore so she hung around her older sister. The main character, Chessy, is a kind-hearted, smart, and wonderful woman who didn’t deserve what happened to her.