one element i can take and transfer to my story is that in the school there is almost like gang war fare and its one side vs the others. In my short story i will write about how a young man who strives to become a NFL football player does not have enough money to go walk 0n at his dream college however. However he learns that he can go into the army and travel the world for war. He however does not know that world war 2 is in the making, he knows he is aggressive enough just he docent know how he will tell his parents. A few years later the united states declare war on Germany and the Nazi part. Just like in the story the popular girls plan out how they will spread the world about the recent attacks on the town, they declare to not stop till justice is served. when my protagonist finds out about the war he says sign me up. He gets shipped to Germany and put on as a infantry soldier. I ca connect this to my book because the kids are put on the front line to figure the recent attacks out as the cops do not care. In battle our young man says goodbye with bloody hands as he is killed the day before he goes home by a Nazi soldier as his squad liberated a concentration camp. This is just like the book as the popular girl who does not want to be popular is killed on her mission to solve the cases and her final words were goodbye to her mother as she was being treated in the hospital for serious wounds. in conclusion there are many tie ins to my story and my book in real life.

setting of the silver.

setting is utilized in my book by the kids having to be in school and creating conflict. The school creates high tension between the kids and gives the book its story line. If the setting was anywhere different in a different time period it wouldn’t work out the way it does. For example in chapter three the popular girl buts her cigarette on the other “scummy” girl. Int he 1980’s it wasn’t uncommon for people to smoke in school, without it being in this time period she would have never gotten away with it. It also was common for there to be one big popular group then the others were separated. Now you have groups of all different types of people. So the scummy girl would have friends to back her up but she didn’t because if you weren’t popular you weren’t anything. There was another conflict resulted off setting and time period. There was no cellphones, so if you wanted to talk to your girlfriend you went to her house and surprised her however it made couples hard to stat together. The big football jock couldn’t see his girlfriend so he went out on a rage fit. He was threatening everyone and stole things from several stores. He then shot three of his neighbors. You may be asking how does this connect to time era??? well it does because there is no cameras for him to get caught and the DNA tech. back then was nothing compared to today so he would’ve never got away with it. The final conflict is where back then the teachers had permission to paddle you. So Kyle was late 12 days in a row now and the teacher said Kyle step forward and take your beating, Kyle did take the beating and it made him build up so much anger he tried to design a new disease that would wipe out the human race. In conclusion in my book the setting is a big part of the conflict that starts, and is possible the biggest factor to the story line i would say in my opinion.Image result for bloody knife


the first character the author reveled was Chris . Chris was reveled through the authors opening seen was someone about to die but then came through but never was fully there anymore. Chris ties into this because he grew up in a small town in England where there wasn’t much to do. Thus made Chris write novels to pass time. He was a deep writer and no one enjoyed his writing but him. Chris eventually found someone who appreciated his novels. He was 19 when he published his first book, it did not blow up like he thought but he still had a name for himself. Chris is shortly forgotten after the first chapter. The next character is Erika, she is very popular in her community. She goes to a private school and loves her life but dose not want to be popular because she does not like all the attention. The author then brings her in by setting the story talking about the popular girl who doses not want to be. Erika has problems with almost everyone in the school. She is loud and outgoing but not when she is by herself, or with friends because she is done of putting on an act. Lots of people like Erika like all the adults and her friends. However Erika has a lot of problems with a lot of people so she is very popular but for the wrong reasons sometimes. Her name is brought up a lot by other people because either they really like her or talk badly on her. My reaction to Erika is she seems like a overall cool girl who is really misunderstood. Her closest friend and Erika are the only ones who know the real her. I personally can tell Erika is a good looking rich human who gets a bad rap because of her parents. In conclusion Erika seems to be a cool girl and a good person just misunderstood. Chris however seems to be a minor character who does not mean much besides the story seems to be told by chris, so he is serious in that form.

world war 1

The great war of 1914 to 1918, in its scope, its violence and, above all, it in totality, ushered in the century of world war.  Never before had a war absorb so much of the total of resources of so many combats.    the book starts out with the author telling the story in the view of a Russian and European.   It tells how many years of peace there has been with no war ever as exponential as this one. It then proceeds to tell about a young man who saw what was happening. The young man told his parents we are going to die. His parents remarked “why would you say such a thing” he then says “if this is the war to end wars, it must wipe out whole countries, family’s, and anyone in its path, it would have to almost wipe the whole earth if its the war to end wars.”   It then moves to the author explaining the beginning of the war. The most important character so far is for sure the little Russian boy. He uses the setting of the time period to explain whats going on to really put a picture in your head.   I believe the setting is the whole reason these stories are as good as they are. I sat this because if they didn’t explain the time period it would make no sense to someone who does not know about world war 1. I chose this book because i learned about world war 1 and want to dive deeper into it. It was a war that started the biggest mass genocide in history (holocaust).   World war 2 is the war everyone wants to talk about, its all my personal favorite. However world war 1 has some room to be talked about being one of the most unproductive wars in the world. From what i learned they did nothing but get the troops hopes up of going home soon which never happened, also failed to kill the to be the most infamous leader in the world… HITLER. In conclusion  so far my book is terrible and makes no sense to do for a blog like this, just saying.