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The book that I am currently reading is called “Truly Madly, Famous” by Rebecca Serle. There are not many elements that I can use from this book to help influence the short story that I will be writing in class. This is because they are going to be completely different. “Truly Madly Famously” is a happy story with celebrities in Hollywood. One of the main conflicts would be considered to be man vs. man because it is about a love triangle between two guys and a girl and the guys are fighting over her. There is nothing dark in it. The short story I’m writing, however, is extremely dark. It is about a serial killer who worships the devil and thinks he needs to send bad souls to heaven. He thinks this because his parents died in a car crash when a drunk driver hit them. This is completely different than the book I’m reading which is happy and a nice enjoyable read. However, there are a few things that I can take from Rebecca Serle. One thing that I can imitate is how she reveals character. She mainly reveals character by being very descriptive and not directly coming out and saying it. I want to use the actions that my main character does to reveal what they are truly like. He has the right intentions but is going about it the wrong way. The reader has to decide if he is evil or just had a troubled childhood. His actions later in the story will reveal his true self. I also want to use one of the same types of conflicts as Serle. They type of conflict that I want to be the same is man vs. self. My main character is struggling with his identity and deciding whether he should be good or worship the devil. He has to try and not listen to that little voice in his head telling him to do bad things. In “Truly, Madly, Famously”  Paige is deciding who she should pick so it is the same type of conflict. I am getting some inspiration for my short story from the book I am reading.


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The book that I am reading is called “Truly Madly Famously by Rebecca Serle. The author utilizes the setting in the story to influence the characters and their decisions. The setting of the story is modern-day. You can tell because there isn’t any advanced technology and everything correlates to what it is like now. The author never straight out says that it is modern-day but she gives clues that it is. The place that the story mainly takes place is in Maui, however, the characters are sometimes in Los Angeles. Maui is a very romantic place and this helps persuade the characters to make certain decisions. For example, Paige is in a relationship with Rainer, but Paige and her costar Jordan are laying on the beach in Maui after they just got done shooting a scene. The author describes how peaceful it is and how all you can hear are the waves crashing along the shore. It is dusk and there is a beautiful bright orange and yellow sunset. They are both sitting next to each other on the beach watching the sun go down over the horizon. This setting is a classic description of what a romantic setting would be and if there is a romantic setting there is going to be a romantic mood created. The romantic mood causes the characters to be swayed to behave in a certain way. For instance, Paige and Jordan look at each other and because of the mood that the author created, they end up kissing. If Paige and Jordan were on set this never would have happened because that isn’t a very romantic setting. The author also uses the setting to create a creepy mood. For example, Paige is home alone at night with no lights on and she hears a noise. This wouldn’t be as scary if it wasn’t dark or she wasn’t home alone. When people are scared they tend to make dumb decisions. Paige should have been smart and left her house, but instead, she investigated. This caused her to have a run in with her stalker. If the setting wasn’t as scary Paige probably would have ran out of the house or called someone to come investigate for her. Serle uses the setting of the story to influence the characters to act a certain way.


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The book that I am currently reading called “Truly Madly Famously” by Rebecca Serle doesn’t utilize much humor. What I find to be humorous in this book is different than what most people would find to be humorous. I think that the really cheesy romantic parts are funny. They are just so stupid that you can’t help but laugh. One part that I find funny that shouldn’t be is right at the beginning of the book. Paige and Rainer just got off of the plane after finishing their press tour for the new movie that they are in called Locked. Paige and Rainer are a couple and the way the author explains some situations are so corny that it is funny. Paige and Rainer aren’t allowed to touch each other in public due to publicity issues so, just before they get to where the cameras are they talk to each other. The author writes stuff in Paige’s perspective like “Rainer pulls me tighter to him. It will be our last embrace until we get to our car”. This is funny because it’s stupid how they are making a big deal about how they can’t touch each other for like 30 seconds. This excerpt is cheesy to the point where you know this would never happen in real life so you laugh. It’s also so predictable. Whenever I read a part like that I read it with a high pitched voice and I emphasize some words which makes it even funnier. I think that there should be a little bit more humor in this book. It’s not a very serious book so it wouldn’t be inappropriate to add more humor. You could add a scene where either Rainer, Jordan, or Paige fall at a public event. Like when they are at the MTV awards one could fall walking down the steps after accepting their award. This isn’t the funniest thing ever, but it would make the book more enjoyable to read. I believe that this book should have more humor in it. For the most part, the funny parts in this book aren’t supposed to be funny, however, they are so cheesy the reader can’t help but laugh. 



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In the book that I am reading called “Truly Madly Famously” by Rebecca Serle, the author reveals character in many different ways. Two of the main characters in this story are Rainer Devon and Paige Townsen. Their personalities are revealed by what they say and how they act. For example, you can tell that Rainer is a very good person because of how he treats Paige. He always buys her stuff and when she is feeling down he is there to pick her back up. In the book, Paige doesn’t care about her birthday and doesn’t care about what she looks like. She also doesn’t handle her fame very well. This shows that she is very modest because she doesn’t always have to look good and she also doesn’t want all of the attention to be on her. The reader can also tell that Paige is a nice person because of how she treats other people. I personally really like both Paige and Rainer because they are both genuinely nice people and care about the well being of others. The character’s roles in the book are to have someone that the reader can have a personal connection towards. The characters also help add conflict and make the story more interesting. Paige and Rainer are very good people and actually care about others, which you wouldn’t expect from most famous people. The main character’s personality traits that the author, Rebecca Serle, reveals help add conflict. Currently, the main conflict is that there is a love triangle happening a Paige can’t choose who she wants to be with. Paige is having such a hard time choosing because Rainer is going through a lot of stuff and Paige feels like she needs to be there for him. Rainer is a very sensitive person and Paige is very nice and doesn’t want to Rainer. This means that because Paige is so caring and nice she doesn’t want to hurt Rainer when he is already hurt. Paige is also selfless so she isn’t going for what she really wants and want will make her happy all for Rainer’s sake. Serle does a very good job of using different techniques to reveals things about the characters.

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The book that I am currently reading is called Truly Madly Famously by Rebecca Serle. I wanted to read this book because I read the first book of the series called Famous in Love and I really enjoyed it. The reason I read Famous in Love is that I love sappy love stories. My friend Libby originally suggested it and once I started reading it I fell in love with it. Once I fished the first book I immediately wanted to know what happens next, so I decided to read the second book. The main conflict in this story is about a love triangle with the main characters Rainer Devon, Paige Townsend, and Jordan Wilder. At the end of the last book, Paige chose Rainer instead of Jordan. Paige chose Rainer over Jordan because Rainer’s dad was just involved in a sexual harassment incident and Rainer’s whole family is getting attacked. This made Paige choose Rainer because Rainer needs Paige right now or he might fall apart. At the beginning of this book, Paige and Rainer are together and just got done doing a press tour for the movie, Locked, which just came out on the big screen. Jordan was supposed to be on the press tour with them but didn’t go be he didn’t want to see Paige and Rainer together. But what Jordan doesn’t know is that Paige still feels something for him. This makes me feel awful for Rainer because Rainer just loves and cares about Paige and she still has feelings for someone else. Rainer is my favorite character because he is such a nice guy and treats Paige right. He knows everything about her except he can’t see that she has feelings for Jordan as well as him. I also feel bad for Jordan because Paige chose Rainer over him because of the problems Rainer is having in his personal life. I don’t really like the main character, Paige. I don’t like her because it is not fair what she is doing to Rainer and Jordan. She can’t be with someone and have feelings for another person. She is playing with both of them which is just going to hurt one of them more when she finally chooses who she is going to be with for real. She needs to be honest with them, but more importantly, be honest with herself about what she is feeling for both of them