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The book that I am reading is called “Truly Madly Famously by Rebecca Serle. The author utilizes the setting in the story to influence the characters and their decisions. The setting of the story is modern-day. You can tell because there isn’t any advanced technology and everything correlates to what it is like now. The author never straight out says that it is modern-day but she gives clues that it is. The place that the story mainly takes place is in Maui, however, the characters are sometimes in Los Angeles. Maui is a very romantic place and this helps persuade the characters to make certain decisions. For example, Paige is in a relationship with Rainer, but Paige and her costar Jordan are laying on the beach in Maui after they just got done shooting a scene. The author describes how peaceful it is and how all you can hear are the waves crashing along the shore. It is dusk and there is a beautiful bright orange and yellow sunset. They are both sitting next to each other on the beach watching the sun go down over the horizon. This setting is a classic description of what a romantic setting would be and if there is a romantic setting there is going to be a romantic mood created. The romantic mood causes the characters to be swayed to behave in a certain way. For instance, Paige and Jordan look at each other and because of the mood that the author created, they end up kissing. If Paige and Jordan were on set this never would have happened because that isn’t a very romantic setting. The author also uses the setting to create a creepy mood. For example, Paige is home alone at night with no lights on and she hears a noise. This wouldn’t be as scary if it wasn’t dark or she wasn’t home alone. When people are scared they tend to make dumb decisions. Paige should have been smart and left her house, but instead, she investigated. This caused her to have a run in with her stalker. If the setting wasn’t as scary Paige probably would have ran out of the house or called someone to come investigate for her. Serle uses the setting of the story to influence the characters to act a certain way.


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