Blog 5

I am going to write a story about a guy who kills his girlfriend. He doesn’t kill her on purpose but by accident. He does not know what to do with the body so he tries to figure things out until at the end he is found by the police. 


He is found guilty because when it was time to get rid of her body he had no choice but to eat her toes because he could not figure out another way. Then when he goes to the bathroom his toilet gets clogged, and when the plumber comes to figure out what is wrong with it, he finds ten toes clogging his toilet. So the plumber goes to the police and gets the man arrested for murder, but that does not happen to about the end of the story. 


In the story I am reading, which is called “A Child Called It”, it has a very unique way of revealing characters, usually when a new character is introduced they are introduced in bad circumstances. That is not how I am going to do it in my story. In my story the characters are introduced in nice/ good ways but as the story goes on the readers start to find out things about them that aren’t good and that are dirty. But when my characters are first introduced they will be extra good people until we start realizing that they are fake. But maybe I could use a character or two that have a harsh entry into the story. Like the plumber could be brought into the story by giving bad information to the police and getting the boyfriend in trouble.


My story will have a different vibe than the usual murder stories. It will be upbeat and not so gloomy. “A Child Called It” is a horrible story that is sad and hard to read.

blog 4

I am still currently reading “ A Child Called It” and for this prompt I will be writing about the setting and how it reveals the characters. A broad look at the setting is in a small modern home and at school mostly. There are some other places where characters are revealed like when they went to the lake and the lake house but no important characters were revealed in these minor settings.


Setting is used in this book as pretty much heaven and hell. Hell is at home with his crazy abusive mother and heaven is school. School is pretty much a safe house for the boy. He cannot be beat and freaked on when he is there, he can get yelled at by his principles and teachers but they will never physically abuse him. He tries to be a good boy in school because his mom will beat him if he is bad. Literally his home life is hell, his mom even burnt him.


The teachers at the school end up being the boys’ friends and help him because the teachers know that he is being abused and they want to help him. He doesn’t fully realize that the teachers want to help him but they love him. The one teacher starts crying when she sees him covered in bruises. 


So Basically throughout the story the setting does reveal characters and has an influence on what happens in the story. As the book goes on, I am sure that it will be consistent and the setting will play a big role in what happens. Seeing how when the boy is home it is so brutal and unhealthy for him. The cop  has taken him and is going somewhere with the boy. I am curious to see where they are going and who is going to be there. I am thinking that maybe he will go into a foster house or live with family, but his whole family thinks he is a bad kid because his mom told them that he is bad. Hopefully he gets better but I have a strong feeling that he will get into an even worse situation.

Blog #3 Humor

The book I am reading is about an alcoholic mom who beats her kid. So it is very hard to find or add any humor in this book at all, but I will try my best to figure something out. 


One way the author could add humor in the book is to say how he survived through all the beatings and hatred. He could tell how it was funny when his mom messed up and humiliated herself. It is hard to find humor in anything when you have such a relationship like this one. I think humor should be added into the book so it is not so dark, but it is very hard to add humor. The author should add humor about the mom and not make her seem so powerful and abusive but I am pretty sure she was both really powerful and abusive.


Maybe the author could add something into the story to make it more humorous but it is based on a true story and he is already giving us (the readers) everything he has. The only way the reader could find this book humorous was if he or she had a super duper dark humor. I do not really find it funny when a mom forces her kid to put his arm on a stove and say that it is his turn to burn in hell. I am sure if you had a dark humor that you would love this book but I do not find it funny. I literally cannot think of one way the author could make this book funny. I think it would be humorous if the mom embarrassed herself and made herself look dumb, but she has no chill and just does whatever the hell she wants and does not care.


It would be hilarious if the mom got in trouble for beating her kids and got put in jail for life. She really deserves to be put away forever. It would put a smile on my face to see her go through the things she makes her kids go through. She is a dirty scumbag who should rot, and it would be funny to see her get what she deserves.

Blog #2 Characterization

I am reading “A Child Called ‘it’” and as of right now the boy describes what it is like when his Father leaves for work. His Father is an awesome dad but is not home all the time because he has work, and he is gone for a few days each time he leaves. The father does not realize what it is like at home when he is gone. All he knows is what mother tells him, and she tells him that David is a bad boy even though that is not true at all. David’s Father says things like “make sure a good boy” hinting to him that he is a bad boy even though he doesn’t do anything wrong. When David’s Father is home David follows him around like a puppy dog because he knows he is safe when he is with him. The author reveals Father by telling how they always would go on family trips and that he always had fun. The author also says that him and mother would sit at the kitchen counter and start drinking at around three o’clock in the afternoon and would not stop till midnite. David says that they would drink all kinds of fancy drinks and they would dance and have fun together.


All that mother does is lay on the couch in her robe and orders for her kids to do stuff for her. The only time she dresses up and puts make-up on is when Father comes home. David said it is a relief to see her dressed up because he knows his dad is coming home and that he can protect him from mother. David said he would wait to hear for commercials on the TV because he knew that meant his mother would come beat him and slam his face up against the mirror. So far mother is only happy when father is home and when he is not she is abusive and an alcoholic. She is really selfish and will tell David to look for her ‘lost things’ but David says that they were never lost. He said that if he didn’t find them then he would be beat. So he would falsely search for them all day long. He would act as if he was looking very hard but he really wasn’t looking at all because he knew his mom was crazy.

A Child Called IT

I am currently reading “A Child Called It’” by Dave Pelzer. I have only read the first two pages and so far the book is really good but it is almost disturbing. So far the book is about a boy who is abused by his mom. His home life is like a concentration camp. If he does anything wrong he is punished by getting slapped or beat. Everyday when he comes to school the nurse checks him for new bruises and marks them down. There is not much the school can do because if they call home then he will get beat even worse. All the other kids in school make fun of him because he wears the same clothes, stinks, and steals food from people’s lunches because he isn’t fed at home. If he doesn’t do his ‘chores’ then he is punished by his mom who won’t feed him, and even when he does eat it’s just the leftover cereal and milk from his brothers bowl.


Finally, one day the school and it’s teachers had enough of this kid getting so poorly treated, so they made action. They called the police and told them the situation, then a cop came and picked up David (the boy). The officer called home and told mom that David wouldn’t be coming home. That is as far as I got.


My thoughts on this book are that it is very disturbing. It is very well written and is written by the actual kid in the book. It is a true story. It is horrible to hear some of the things that this mom did to her own son. And to think that this only one account of i’m guessing thousands, it’s horrible. I don’t really know why the mom is treating her son like this but i am interested to see why she is the way she is. She needs some serious help and guidance. It is not right to treat a powerless kid the way David is treated. I am not done reading this book but I am very excited to see what happens as I keep reading.