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So this weeks blog is about poetry. Quite frankly I hate getting into poetry because it is a stupid way of writing a story. You are basically condensing a story into a twenty five to fifty word story. The only thing wrong with that is you will never understand what is the poem is actually about. There is no assurance like there is in an actual book or short story.


The first few poems we read were alright because they weren’t to complicated and ‘famous’. I feel like the well-known or ‘famous’ poems are always the hardest ones to understand because you really do not understand what is going on and other experts and smart people picked apart the poems and know exactly the definition of every word in the poem. It makes no sense how people sit down and want to do that. That is not fun to me, and I couldn’t imagine it is fun for anyone else.


Now that I said how much I hate poetry I will say how I actually do like Eldorado. I like it because I had other people describe to me what it means and understand what it means, and I like that it is simple and the meaning behind it. I like this poem and I kinda like finding the deeper reason the poem was written instead of looking at just the surface. But I would still rather prefer reading a book of choice not a short condensed poem. 


Poetry is awful. I know that this whole blog is basically saying how bad it is, well that is because it really is awful. I mean I can understand some people use writing to release their inner feelings and to just write stupid shit on paper but I don’t understand how it is so popular. And Ii don’t like it has it’s own little vocabulary. Like the words Stanza, and that is pretty much the only word I know but I KNOW for sure that there are other words that have to do poetry. Oh actually I remember, the words like Iambic and Trochaic, like I have never heard those words until I did language class.


Anyway to sum it up. Poetry sucks. Eldorado is alright.

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