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I am still currently reading “ A Child Called It” and for this prompt I will be writing about the setting and how it reveals the characters. A broad look at the setting is in a small modern home and at school mostly. There are some other places where characters are revealed like when they went to the lake and the lake house but no important characters were revealed in these minor settings.


Setting is used in this book as pretty much heaven and hell. Hell is at home with his crazy abusive mother and heaven is school. School is pretty much a safe house for the boy. He cannot be beat and freaked on when he is there, he can get yelled at by his principles and teachers but they will never physically abuse him. He tries to be a good boy in school because his mom will beat him if he is bad. Literally his home life is hell, his mom even burnt him.


The teachers at the school end up being the boys’ friends and help him because the teachers know that he is being abused and they want to help him. He doesn’t fully realize that the teachers want to help him but they love him. The one teacher starts crying when she sees him covered in bruises. 


So Basically throughout the story the setting does reveal characters and has an influence on what happens in the story. As the book goes on, I am sure that it will be consistent and the setting will play a big role in what happens. Seeing how when the boy is home it is so brutal and unhealthy for him. The cop  has taken him and is going somewhere with the boy. I am curious to see where they are going and who is going to be there. I am thinking that maybe he will go into a foster house or live with family, but his whole family thinks he is a bad kid because his mom told them that he is bad. Hopefully he gets better but I have a strong feeling that he will get into an even worse situation.

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