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The story, Forever Odd, written by Dean Koontz utilizes setting in a couple of fascinating ways from revealing characters in a similar way to “The devil and Tom Walker” as well as setting the general mood for the horror and mystery part of the story.

One section of the story is placed in an eerily quiet mansion where most of the murder investigation for Odd’s now deceased friend is taking place. Normally, characters put into this situation would be more on edge about the whole thing however Odd doesn’t quite react like that. Odd Thomas is strictly about figuring out what happened, wasting no time on what the pressing issues at the time are. This makes a pretty cool reflection on Odd Thomas’s character, making him seem more calm and collected than your average person. This also could reflect something mentioned in a previous blog post about this story in which I mentioned that Odd Thomas is used to these things now. He isn’t someone to enter a state of panic because of a ghost or some otherworldly being or because of a close friend being kidnapped. Odd’s way of just focusing on the major problem at hand could also just be a way to cope with all of the turmoil he has gone through in his life though.

Continuing on about setting, the setting of this spooky house adds to the overall ominous quality of the current story. The investigation is well underway and Odd along with the police man, Chief Porter are trying to find clues about the murder and are trying to figure out where their dear friend Danny was taken to. The setting may not play a large role in this section of the story due to it mostly being focused on the conflicts at hand which are involving the major characters of the story. In general storytelling however, most big mansions where a murder has taken place is usually a place for suspense and such. Dean Koontz takes advantage of this and introduces the main plot point of Danny’s kidnapping here which only adds to the overall tone of these past few chapters.


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