【The Less I Know The Better】#̸̧̟̮̮̹̠͕̲͈̺̣͓̫͓̃̅͒́̋́̇͗͗̂ͅ2̵̗̫͚̆͋͋̎͠

Due to the somber nature of the current situation, Odd isn’t talking to very many other people at the moment so most of the characterization comes from what the character says about himself as well as his interactions with the spirit of his childhood friend in the first chapter. Odd is the only one in the dusty old town of Pico Mundo who can figure out what happened to Doctor Jessup which makes him the driving force when it comes to solving the conflict as well as the protagonist of the story. Odd is experienced when it comes to murders, especially when they involve elements of the supernatural world. This leads him to take control in most situations and is able to be proactive about the situation most of the time. His one interaction with Chief Porter over the phone reporting Dr. Jessup’s murder also reaffirms the fact that Odd has seen his fair share of disturbing situations. Chief Porter also makes a remark about how he’s just hoping Odd is calling because he’s lonely which sadly is never the case in Odd’s life. Odd narrates the story himself so the reader experiences the environment of the desert town through his eyes. Odd is a well written realistic character, like mentioned previously elsewhere I just want to see this guy catch a break without having to worry about constant ghosts haunting everywhere he goes and demons disguised as people who threaten his safety.  His remarks about certain situations can make him come off as tired in a way. He knows that he has some kind of responsibility  to help people with his ability however he seems just sick of it.

Another character who has a minor bit of characterization is the now spirit, Dr. Jessup. Dr. Jessup, as mentioned many times, is Odd’s childhood friend. He’s quite reserved according to Odd in the first chapter as well as extremely intelligent. The latter is evident due to his title as doctor and his position as a radiologist. However because Dr. Jessup was unfortunatly killed, you could infer that he either had bad blood with somebody or it may have been just an unfortunate coincidence.

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