January 6

Blog 9- Virtues Experiment

I learned that, essentially, I am not a good or virtuous woman. I am very petty, and I eat a lot. I am just glad that this assignment was a challenge to TRY to follow the virtues, because if so, I would be failing a lot. Literally every day. There is probably close to no one in this entire area that could be completely correct ethically and follow all these virtues. As I said before, I think we are all lucky that we were not supposed to try to follow the virtues, or else we would all be royally screwed. If we were to try, I feel as though we would somehow end up with more violations than normal. If even the man who made these virtues cannot abide by them, then surely almost no one else could possibly do it either. I expected to break a lot of these virtues because I am very messy, however the issue with that is I am messy but orderly. I have everything in an organized mess. Temperance was also expected to be broken, especially on Christmas and the day after. On Christmas, we have two Christmas “dinners”, one at my gram’s as 12pm and the other at my house from anywhere between 6-8pm. I also snack on foods I got as presents because I am a whole hippo. Long story short, I am a bad person, and most likely so is everyone else.

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