November 20

Blog 7- Poetry

My reaction to poetry is still the same. I still do not like or understand it. Just a bunch of nonsense. I also still do not understand how to analyze a poem. I have just been wingin’ it this whole time (and asking friends for help). The only poems I liked were from the Fine Print book that you said was awful. I did not even like all of them in there. I could not be bothered to read the entirety of the 3 page long ones. Who writes a poem that’s three pages? Just write a story; it’s basically a short story already. I didn’t HATE Eldorado. It was okay. I didn’t really get it, but it’s wasn’t completely nonsensical. I cannot think of anything else to say. I think I have made it very clear that I still hate poetry. Poetry is still the awful monster I said it was.

October 17

Blog 4- Never Go Back

Setting is always very important in a story. In the book I am reading, Never Go Back, the setting reveals attributes about the main characters in many ways. Jack Reacher and his partner in crime, Major Susan Turner, do not have much detail given to their personalities or who they are when they are introduced in the book. You are given simple descriptions like the one given by Reacher for Turner, “He had sensed an interesting person behind [the phone]. He wanted to meet that person.” You are never really given any details about what Reacher’s brain is like, or how he thinks. Later on in the book, Turner makes multiple remarks on how Reacher is “feral”, and he continues to think about how she said that throughout the book. The setting changes all the time in Never Go Back due to the fact that Major Susan Turner and Jack Reacher are on the run from the F.B.I. and other government agencies unknown to them. With each new setting, a new conflict arises for Turner and Reacher to solve. Along with each new conflict, we as the reader get to know more and more of what each character is capable of.

Most of the time, the characters are on different highways or roads, driving.

September 16

Blog 2- Never Go Back

In Never Go Back, Major Susan Turner is Jack Reacher’s sort of side-kick or partner in crime. She is first introduced when Reacher is on his way to D.C. He is talking about why he is going to D.C., because he had been talking on the phone with her almost every day. He describes what he thinks she would be like. He said her voice was “warm, slightly husky, a little breathy, a little intimate.” When they finally meet in the Fort Dyer prison in D.C., they immediately know who each other are. Turner recognizes him from his voice and the picture of him on file. Reacher recognizes her from her voice, but also how he imagined her. He repeatedly says she is exactly how he thought she would be. Turner at first does not want to see Reacher because, even though they have never met, she cared about him and did not want him involved. Turner is an intelligent woman; we find this out when they are escaping. The two have to think fast multiple times, especially since the go on the run. After a very intimate moment that Reacher and Turner share, they become more emotionally attached to each other. Turner becomes more invested in Reacher’s problems and starts putting her own “on the backburner” until Reacher meets his supposed child. Major Turner affects the conflicts because she helps Reacher and does not get in his way. She is not a “damsel in distress”. She handles herself and likes to be independent. No one in the story has anything bad to say about Turner, which makes the reader assume that she is a good person. However, the issues and conflicts she brings along say otherwise. At least one person with a lot of authority has something against her and want to ruin her. Major Susan Turner goes through a lot in this story, and she builds a relationship with Jack Reacher, which most likely will not last. She has quite a bit of character development along with Reacher as well.

Picture of the movie adaptation (Reacher and Turner are fleeing from a police chase in downtown D.C.)

September 9

Blog 1- Never Go Back

Last year I chose the book Never Go back, which is a Jack Reacher novel written by Lee Child. I chose this book because Jack Reacher novels are the only books I seem to enjoy. I’m not sure why; I think it’s because I enjoy the main character, Jack Reacher, and how he likes to live his life. This book is about Reacher, a former military man, traveling back to his former unit in Washington D.C. when he gets arrested for something he did not do. He and the woman currently in charge, Major Susan Turner are being framed for something they did not do by the government. They escape from a nearby federal prison and go on the lamb. With help from an inside man back at the unit, Leach. Leach helps Turner and Reacher try to figure out who’s framing them and how to stop them by giving them access to the information they need. Turner and Reacher, throughout the book, build a temporary romantic/sexual relationship, however his relationships always end at the end of the book because Reacher is a traveling man, and he doesn’t stay in one place. The only reason he might continue a relationship with Turner in this book is because, along with figuring out who is framing them, he is also looking for his supposed child in California. The two military cops are on the run from multiple agencies within the government. One being “Romeo and Juliet”. They are partners, and every now and then the book switches from Reacher’s point of view to Romeo and Juliet’s. Reacher does not know who they are, but Romeo and Juliet are very aware of who Jack Reacher is, what he is doing, and how dangerous he is. Jack Reacher and Susan Turner hitch-hike, take buses, steal druggies’ cars and money, and get fake I.D.s from Leach in order to flee from the people chasing them. Even though the government agencies chasing the two have a close eye on them and what they are using, they have yet to actually catch them. Where I am in the book now, Reacher and Turner are on a plane with possibly Romeo and Juliet and others with them. Reacher found out who they were by breaking their fingers and arms on said plane to get their wallets.

where Reacher and Turner are being chased before they leave D.C.