blog 14

The book I am currently reading is called the pistachio prescription. I just got this book today from the library. There aren’t really any highlights of the story, its a very stupid book. The only thing I like about the book so far is how she keeps talking about how she’s different from her family when she’s not even different other than the color of her hair. I dislike everything else, well I dislike that part too but I just find it funny. Overall the book is very dumb and I’m returning it next period. The whole thing is this girl who is addicted to pistachios and thinks they cure her.

My takeaway on transcendentalism is that I still don’t know what it is. I did not like “Song of Myself”. I thought the whole thing was dumb. If he had a deeper meaning to the poem then he should’ve just said it. It would have been a good poem if it would’ve just meant what he said. Since you have to figure out the meaning, and your idea of it is most likely wrong, it takes away from the poem itself.

I have already seen the movie Vertigo, so I am excited to watch it again. The first time I watched the movie I had no idea what was going on. So this time I can really pay attention to what’s going on and figure more things out, for a better understanding. From the research, I learned more about the effort the director put into this movie. It really made me appreciate the movie, and the tricks it plays on your mind. The most difficult aspect of the film critique essay will definitely be trying to not write a review. I think critique and review are very similar. So I am worried about slowly drifting into writing a review


Blog 13

When I started the blog my initial thought was confusion. I could not seem to understand anything I was reading. Every sentence I would read, I would take to literally. After reading it over again a few times, I realized that there was a deeper understanding of the poem. On the other hand, the section that we were assigned made no sense to me for a while. I had to have Mr. McGarry explain a lot of things to me. The section was very confusing because it involved a lot of old traditions that I never heard of. In the section, it talks about god dropping and handkerchief. I later found out that goes back to the olden days when women would be in the wrong to just go up and talk to a guy. Since they couldn’t just walk up to talk to a guy they would drop their handkerchief, and when I guy picked it up to give it back to them, then they could talk to the guy.

He uses Transcendentalist philosophy a lot in his writing. When he talks about religion and questions society. This give the reader a deeper thought process when reading his work.

The most important lines in my section would probably be “A child said What is the grass? fetching it to me with full hands; How could I answer the child? I do not know what it is any more
than he.” These lines are showing that the grass represents society. The child doesn’t understand what society is, but when he asks that older man, he doesn’t know either anymore. This gives a really good look at life and really makes you question a lot. Also, I feel this is important because there is a poster in Mr. McGarry’s room with this line on it, so it must mean something. These lines really develop the theme of section 1) by being the first to line in the section, 2) it gives you a good understanding of what the section is going to be about.

The only trouble I am having with the work is not understanding past traditions.

Blog 12

I made a lot of connections between Thoreau and Emerson’s “Thoughts”. In both readings, the author talked about people and their self-reflection from nature. Nature is used as a place to find the true meaning of your life. You can go into nature to find happiness and a sense of wellbeing. Also, it seemed to me that they both give off the idea that you should be at one with nature. You should be with nature not against it. The beginning of “Where I lived and what I lived for” is to show how to test and show theories of morals. Otherwise, the main idea of “The Conclusion” is to show that objects cant make you happy. The benefits of Thoreau’s leaving behind society to live in the woods experiment would be, being able to do things for ourselves again. It would get us away from all the toxic technology in this world at the moment. I would miss everything just being handed to me, for example, if I’m hungry I can just heat something up in the microwave real quick. I feel that since there is really no need for me to do it I won’t. If I had a reason or I was put in the situation, I think I would be able to last. I think, though, this experiment would be very beneficial considering people are all too dependent on technology. A lot of current groups, especially young people, could not be able to do this. They are all very focused on other things and never have time to connect with nature. Even though it would be hard for some people and easy for others, the experiment would be best for current society. People need to be able to connect with nature again. I think that a modern reader would take out, of the readings, how important nature really is. Also, it can actually help you become a better person. Everyone just needs a break from all the drama and current advancements of the world, to be able to be happier and a better person. Overall, to connect with nature.

Blog 11

At the beginning of the unit, I thought that this unit was going to be interesting, but boy was I wrong. I was excited to debate about stuff because I am very interested in that kind of thing. That was until I got the con of man influenced climate change. That might be the dumbest thing I could’ve had to build a case on. So, the topic I got really influenced my thought on debates. Arguments in specific though, my opinion has not changed. If you are going to argue about something it’s going to be in the moment, you will almost never plan out an argument. So basically, what I am saying is I thought this unit is dumb and pointless, especially in American Lit.

The experience of developing a speech was very difficult to do, especially with my topic. I couldn’t find anything on my topic so putting together a speech did not come easy.

I was only there to watch 1 debate, so I didn’t really learn anything and I really have no idea how I am going to debate since I don’t know what I’m doing. With this I would have to say Dana and Lily’s debate was the best, that is the only debate I saw though so who am I to pick the best. Theirs was a good debate though. You could see that they both knew a lot about their topic, but then again, their topic seemed to be very easy to study.

In conclusion, I am very glad that this unit is almost over, at least I hope it is. I really did not like this unit. I didn’t think that I would like it in the beginning though, so at least I wasn’t disappointed. Overall I don’t really like any unit in this class, nor do I think I will because English really isn’t my thing. So you can’t blame me for that.

Last I don’t know how I am supposed to debate the con of man influenced climate change and I really think that is what ruined the unit for me.

blog 10

My topic for debate is man influences climate change. My assigned position is con. This is not my personal position on this topic, I believe climate change is man influenced. I don’t really know what it is, I know a general idea, but at this moment I wouldn’t know how to argue it. Everything that came up when I googled man influenced climate change was saying that it is true. “Why 100% of scientists think climate change is man influenced” and “10 ways we know man influences climate change” and many more like that. A lot of websites say things like this “The Earth’s climate has changed throughout history. Just in the last 650,000 years, there have been seven cycles of glacial advance and retreat, with the abrupt end of the last ice age about 11,700 years ago marking the beginning of the modern climate era — and of human civilization. Most of these climate changes are attributed to very small variations in Earth’s orbit that changing the amount of solar energy our planet receives”. I know that climate change is man influenced so basically I can’t debate on facts because scientists have proven its man influenced. I think I will go more on the side that it is not only man influenced. I am going to talk about the ice age because hot did human influence that when we weren’t even there. Also, I can go on the fact that everything is way out of our knowledge. We don’t even know how we got here for sure let alone what we do to the earth. The world could’ve had climate change with us here or not. The ethical issues are how to balance the rights and responsibilities of the developed and developing world; how to evaluate geoengineering schemes designed to reverse or slow climate change; and how to assess our responsibility to future generations who must live with a climate we are shaping today. Also, the emotions involved in this are anger and worry. A lot of young people are worried about the rest of their life and their kids, but mostly they are angry because older people seem to not care so much or they overlook the young people because they are young.


Not gonna lie, I completely forgot about this assignment all week. But looking back I think I did well at the start of the week. With an expectation of Saturday because its Saturday gotta have fun right. Temperance was the easiest to stay away from since I’m vegan and don’t eat anything anyway. Expect Saturday because you have to have fun on Saturdays and Fridays but I forgot to put that on the chart, oh well. Silence, I would say I followed only because I don’t really talk a lot and I’m not one for dumb conversations. Order was probably the most used. I like to put everything in each place not only with the organization but in my mind too. First with organization, during the start of the week my room was a little messy with friends sleeping over and Christmas, nothing was in its place. Later on, though I cleaned it and hung everything up. Now my room looks very nice.  My head is for the most part always in order, with little bumps here and there I’m pretty much good on that end. I was good without breaking resolution all week. Frugality, I always try to do my best to treat everyone good and myself good. Of course, no one is perfect though so I had a bump here or there. Industry I did very bad at. I’m one to waste time, a lot. Sincerity I did well at because I care about people. I might of not be sincere here and there to my parents but hey that’s their fault. Justice, you know how Saturdays are, they get crazy and I might have hit people without justice, oh well. For moderation, I did not avoid extremes on Christmas or the days after, I ate too much and did too much of stuff, but it doesn’t matter because it’s over now. Cleanliness was the easiest by far, I always shower every day and take care of myself. It’s not hard to be clean. Tranquility is hard for me because I do get upset over what one would call “stupid things”. It’s hard for me not to if somethings not right I’m gonna get mad over it.  Humility is the easiest to obtain, there is no need to brag about yourself like no one cares. I am not very good at awareness, I don’t really pay attention much. Especially on Saturday, I didn’t really feel like I knew what was going on at all, like most days. Competence to me was easy to stay away because I’m not dumb and I can do things successfully. Lastly was authenticity, I am normally a real like straight up to you, but on Christmas, you have to be a little fake to all your cousins. You have to do and say what you can to get along with people. Overall the whole virtues thing was dumb to me like there’s no point. If we are all just gonna die anyway, why not have fun in your life and not be fake to be “good”.

blog 8

My first thought of the poem “The Dodo’s Conundrum” was that it was bad. No offense because we know you wrote it but I didn’t like it, and it is my American right to have my own opinion. It was very confusing and just seemed stupid to me.  I still am very confused and have no idea what is going on in the poem. I have not started the essay because I don’t know where to start. I don’t even know what the poem is about, let alone the theme of it. I have a question on the whole thing. I might just be dumb but I know no one else knows what is going on either. The questions asked were not easy on any of the poems. The questions were confusing and I didn’t know what to write about. I swear I read the poem 7 times and I just don’t know what is happening. I have never been so confused in my life. I really did like writing poems though. It didn’t change the way I read poems. It just changed my idea of writing them. I still think poetry is awful to read. I don’t like it at all. I liked my poems though. Going back to the topic before I have no idea how I’m going to write my essay. Especially not 700 words about it. I can barely finish a 250-word blog. As you can tell by this blog I really don’t know what is going on in this poem or with this essay, due to the fact I used the word “confused” many many times.


Blog 7

I still do not like poetry. I just think it is very boring to read. Also, poetry is very hard to understand. I know the whole point of poetry is to learn how to analyze it but to do that is very bring. I don’t think many people like poetry and when no one enjoys it, it is hard to work with people on stuff involving it. Poetry just reminds me of middle school PSSA’s and other standardized tests. A poem was always the last story to read for English and it was also short so I wouldn’t even read it. Along with that, in 8th grade, Ms. O’Brien was very strict with poetry. She made us look up every word in every line of the poems and it just made everyone hate it more than normal.

I didn’t really like any of the poems we have read. Poems are just so long and boring. On top of that, I hate reading in the first place, so that could be apart of it. Eldorado wasn’t that bad I guess. Only because it was short and every other line was basically the same. This poem though was kinda hard to understand. With the least amount of syllables possible per line, it was hard to understand it.

Poetry is still awful. I do not think it will ever be not awful. If you hate something, hatred does not just go away. Especially if it keeps getting forced on you. Ever since we are little it always taught in English class. Just like reading. When you are forced to do something for such a long time it makes you not want to and therefore you do not like doing it. If we could pick what and when we wanted to read poems or anything for that matter, people would like it a lot more. I think poetry wouldn’t be that bad if we just started it in high school and not have to do it every year. Kinda like math, each year is a different thing so it makes it more tolerable but English class is always the same every year.

Blog 6

My story isn’t really different at all from when we first thought of the ideas at lunch. My table all have English before me and they were talking about their stories. This is when I looked at their lists and saw With Bloody Hands I Saw Goodbye, I kind of knew what I was going to do. The obvious thing is murder and I wanted to make it different then just someone killing someone else. I knew a lot about mental health so wanted to have to do something with that. I came up with my exact idea at lunch. The only thing different was he was going to kill a girl who didn’t mean anything. I did change that at the end to have her mean something to her. I made it seem more emotional he if killed himself to at the end. The story would be very sad if he would of just killed himself without anything about it. You seemed more sad knowing he killed himself because he felt bad for her. I feel very proud of my story. I think I showed a new way of opening up to mental illness and show that people aren’t crazy but they can’t help how they are, also they don’t want to be that way themselves sometimes.  Most importantly that mental illness isn’t something to be ashamed off. I like that my story isn’t just another story we are forced to do in school that I don’t care about. I like making stories and I put in a lot of effort to them so I feel they have a real meaning. I don’t like that I didn’t have as much time as I needed to write it considering it is a long process. I wish I would of had more time develop the girl character.


For my short story, I used my own idea. I didn’t really base it off or anything in my book. I guess if you could say I imitated anything it would be the mind of a crazy person. In This Is Where It Ends, the shooter is most definitely crazy. For any murderer especially a school shooter there is definitely something wrong in their mind. My main character in the story has a lot wrong in his mind but he is just trying to understand.
the element I chose to “copy” from my book is the first person journal type of way to tell the story. To write my story I want to tell it in my main character perspective and I’m going to go back and forth from talking as a narrator to being him writing in a journal. I really liked the way the author my my book showed the characters personally through telling it 1st person. I want to reveal character through him talking about not feeling. He will come off as crazy through not being able to feel anything. The book I’m reading shows character in the same way, by how they are displayed in the book.
I don’t want to just reveal setting the way the author of the books I’m ready did. She just said flat out they are in a school. I want to drag on how he hates going there but you don’t really know where, about the hospital. Also the main conflict in This Is Where It Ends is man vs man but in my story it’s going to be man vs himself. Which will have to be displayed in a completely different way. Man vs man is quit obvious two people are causing conflict on each other but man vs himself has to be shown with his mental perspective.