For my short story, I used my own idea. I didn’t really base it off or anything in my book. I guess if you could say I imitated anything it would be the mind of a crazy person. In This Is Where It Ends, the shooter is most definitely crazy. For any murderer especially a school shooter there is definitely something wrong in their mind. My main character in the story has a lot wrong in his mind but he is just trying to understand.
the element I chose to “copy” from my book is the first person journal type of way to tell the story. To write my story I want to tell it in my main character perspective and I’m going to go back and forth from talking as a narrator to being him writing in a journal. I really liked the way the author my my book showed the characters personally through telling it 1st person. I want to reveal character through him talking about not feeling. He will come off as crazy through not being able to feel anything. The book I’m reading shows character in the same way, by how they are displayed in the book.
I don’t want to just reveal setting the way the author of the books I’m ready did. She just said flat out they are in a school. I want to drag on how he hates going there but you don’t really know where, about the hospital. Also the main conflict in This Is Where It Ends is man vs man but in my story it’s going to be man vs himself. Which will have to be displayed in a completely different way. Man vs man is quit obvious two people are causing conflict on each other but man vs himself has to be shown with his mental perspective.

Setting in This is Where It Ends

The setting is used in This Is Where It Ends, to give background. The setting in the book l am reading is a highschool. The Setting gives background of the story because everyone has gone to high school (for the most part), and you will have background on what it looks like and how things are.for example, the students are trapped in the auditorium,we most likely know what that looks like and why It would be so frantic.

The setting also helps with understanding through current issues. This Is Where It Ends, is based on a school shooting. Because of the setting being at a school we have a better understanding, considering school shootings are a major role in today’s world.

Characters are influenced in the book, since they are in school, through school procedures. Since a school shooting occurs, the actions of the characters are affected because of where they are and what they are told to do. They are told to hide so they try that, but because of the doors being locked they caused panic. One of the main characters is revealed because of breaking into the principal’s office and stealing papers, because of the background of the principal’s office and the meaning of breaking into it we can tell it’s not a good thing.

The setting of the doors in the auditorium being locked influences the story a lot. If the doors weren’t locked they kids could’ve gotten out, but they couldn’t so it led to tragic events. Next, if the story wasn’t taking place in a school to begin with the whole conflict of the book wouldn’t have happened. The whole idea of a school shooting makes the book. If the book didn’t take place in a school the whole story is ruined.

Blog 3

In the book Where It Ends, there is no humor at all. They are not going through the normal high school experience in this book so they are not talking about funny things and they are not adding in comedy to lighten the mood because you can not lighten the mood in this book. Where It Ends is about a school shooting, so it would be wrong to have humor. If there is any humor it is low comedy in the very beginning before the action. The four main characters are going through their normal day so they might have had some low comedy here and there but nothing that catches your eye or makes you laugh. For example, Tomas and his friend are sneaking into the principals office before the shooting, they make some inside jokes but not many. This book doesn’t have humor because it is a very serious concept and there is nothing humorous about masses of people dying.  Humor should not be added, if it were to be added it would be in the beginning of the book before anything happens. It could’ve been normal high school jokes kids say in the hallways and stuff like that. A hypothetical situation where humor would be added is if the whole topic of the  book is different and the book would be changed to another high school love story. The humor would be something dumb like they are both in love with each other but think the other one does not like them. Another hypothetical situation would be if the topic of the book was completely different. Where It Ends is more of an action and suspenseful book. There is no room for comedy in it. The last hypothetical situation where comedy could be involved in the book Where It Ends would be if they are all sociopaths who don’t care about people dying or think it’s funny, even though a sociopath has no emotions so they would not find it funny either. Overall, this book has no humor or comedy in it and there is not a right way or place for it to fit into the book.


The character I chose was Tomas. he is one of the 4 protagonists of the story. The author reveals him through if actions and the things he says. He is revealed by his actions because, in this chapter, he is in the principal’s office going through files. This reveals that he is not a rule follower. He is also revealed by what he says, you can tell he is very caring especially toward his sister. While going through the files, he continuously stated he is doing it for his sister. Some guy must have stalked or hurt her in the past year and left school, but he is coming back during the current school year. Also, you can tell Tomas tries to act almost cool by his word choice and sentence length compared to the other characters.
I like Tomas more than most of the main characters because he doesn’t try to be something he’s not. Autumn talks herself up so much and tries to seem like everyone loves her and shes above everyone and everything. Even though Tomas tries to act cool he tells it how it is and doesn’t try to talk himself up.
In the book, he is one of the kids not in the auditorium. He is very important in the story because you find the most information from him, that’s how his personality affects the conflict.
He is a very caring person. You can tell by all of his actions that his sister is a very important part of his life. Also, he is very protective of her. His sister is Sylv, she is the 2nd of the 4 protagonists. she is revealed by what she says. She is very intelligent and she is the second-best character. She is very kind and also cares about her brother. She is friends with Autumn but hangs out with her brother a lot of the book. She is also very emotional. She seems to be the most affected with everything going on in the book. She is also very hopeful, she believes that her brother will save them and get them out of their current situation.

Reading Log 1

The book I am reading is called this is where it ends. My book is about a school shooting all talking place within 54 minutes. I choose this book based off of the title and the font the title is in on the cover. Everyone says you should judge a book by its cover, but sometimes that is how you get the best understanding. I found it very interesting how the title was all in lower case letters and looked like something a teacher would write on the chalkboard. Also the sentence “Everyone has a reason to fear the boy with the gun” really makes you want to know what the book is about.

The other reason I picked the book was from reading the back. The back of the book isn’t your normal authors summary to try and you get you to read the book. On the back of this is where it ends there is a timeline of 5 minutes. It was very interesting that the whole story took place in 54 minutes, but the main action takes just 5 minutes to start. The book is set from 10:01 am -11:59 am in a high school in Alabama, the shooting takes place in the auditorium.

After reading the first chapter, I really enjoy the format of the book. The book starts at 10:01 am and is put into 4 different students’ perspectives: Claire, Tomas, Autumn, and Sylv. Also, the book reaches out to teen readers but putting in a section of the student’s social media posts, at the end of every chapter. This way you know the main four characters’ points of view as well as what everyone is saying about it. Right now, I like 3 out of the 4 main characters. I don’t like Claire, she seems to me to be the type who thinks everyone likes her.