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When I started the blog my initial thought was confusion. I could not seem to understand anything I was reading. Every sentence I would read, I would take to literally. After reading it over again a few times, I realized that there was a deeper understanding of the poem. On the other hand, the section that we were assigned made no sense to me for a while. I had to have Mr. McGarry explain a lot of things to me. The section was very confusing because it involved a lot of old traditions that I never heard of. In the section, it talks about god dropping and handkerchief. I later found out that goes back to the olden days when women would be in the wrong to just go up and talk to a guy. Since they couldn’t just walk up to talk to a guy they would drop their handkerchief, and when I guy picked it up to give it back to them, then they could talk to the guy.

He uses Transcendentalist philosophy a lot in his writing. When he talks about religion and questions society. This give the reader a deeper thought process when reading his work.

The most important lines in my section would probably be “A child said What is the grass? fetching it to me with full hands; How could I answer the child? I do not know what it is any more
than he.” These lines are showing that the grass represents society. The child doesn’t understand what society is, but when he asks that older man, he doesn’t know either anymore. This gives a really good look at life and really makes you question a lot. Also, I feel this is important because there is a poster in Mr. McGarry’s room with this line on it, so it must mean something. These lines really develop the theme of section 1) by being the first to line in the section, 2) it gives you a good understanding of what the section is going to be about.

The only trouble I am having with the work is not understanding past traditions.

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