Blog 12

I made a lot of connections between Thoreau and Emerson’s “Thoughts”. In both readings, the author talked about people and their self-reflection from nature. Nature is used as a place to find the true meaning of your life. You can go into nature to find happiness and a sense of wellbeing. Also, it seemed to me that they both give off the idea that you should be at one with nature. You should be with nature not against it. The beginning of “Where I lived and what I lived for” is to show how to test and show theories of morals. Otherwise, the main idea of “The Conclusion” is to show that objects cant make you happy. The benefits of Thoreau’s leaving behind society to live in the woods experiment would be, being able to do things for ourselves again. It would get us away from all the toxic technology in this world at the moment. I would miss everything just being handed to me, for example, if I’m hungry I can just heat something up in the microwave real quick. I feel that since there is really no need for me to do it I won’t. If I had a reason or I was put in the situation, I think I would be able to last. I think, though, this experiment would be very beneficial considering people are all too dependent on technology. A lot of current groups, especially young people, could not be able to do this. They are all very focused on other things and never have time to connect with nature. Even though it would be hard for some people and easy for others, the experiment would be best for current society. People need to be able to connect with nature again. I think that a modern reader would take out, of the readings, how important nature really is. Also, it can actually help you become a better person. Everyone just needs a break from all the drama and current advancements of the world, to be able to be happier and a better person. Overall, to connect with nature.

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