Blog 11

At the beginning of the unit, I thought that this unit was going to be interesting, but boy was I wrong. I was excited to debate about stuff because I am very interested in that kind of thing. That was until I got the con of man influenced climate change. That might be the dumbest thing I could’ve had to build a case on. So, the topic I got really influenced my thought on debates. Arguments in specific though, my opinion has not changed. If you are going to argue about something it’s going to be in the moment, you will almost never plan out an argument. So basically, what I am saying is I thought this unit is dumb and pointless, especially in American Lit.

The experience of developing a speech was very difficult to do, especially with my topic. I couldn’t find anything on my topic so putting together a speech did not come easy.

I was only there to watch 1 debate, so I didn’t really learn anything and I really have no idea how I am going to debate since I don’t know what I’m doing. With this I would have to say Dana and Lily’s debate was the best, that is the only debate I saw though so who am I to pick the best. Theirs was a good debate though. You could see that they both knew a lot about their topic, but then again, their topic seemed to be very easy to study.

In conclusion, I am very glad that this unit is almost over, at least I hope it is. I really did not like this unit. I didn’t think that I would like it in the beginning though, so at least I wasn’t disappointed. Overall I don’t really like any unit in this class, nor do I think I will because English really isn’t my thing. So you can’t blame me for that.

Last I don’t know how I am supposed to debate the con of man influenced climate change and I really think that is what ruined the unit for me.

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