Not gonna lie, I completely forgot about this assignment all week. But looking back I think I did well at the start of the week. With an expectation of Saturday because its Saturday gotta have fun right. Temperance was the easiest to stay away from since I’m vegan and don’t eat anything anyway. Expect Saturday because you have to have fun on Saturdays and Fridays but I forgot to put that on the chart, oh well. Silence, I would say I followed only because I don’t really talk a lot and I’m not one for dumb conversations. Order was probably the most used. I like to put everything in each place not only with the organization but in my mind too. First with organization, during the start of the week my room was a little messy with friends sleeping over and Christmas, nothing was in its place. Later on, though I cleaned it and hung everything up. Now my room looks very nice.  My head is for the most part always in order, with little bumps here and there I’m pretty much good on that end. I was good without breaking resolution all week. Frugality, I always try to do my best to treat everyone good and myself good. Of course, no one is perfect though so I had a bump here or there. Industry I did very bad at. I’m one to waste time, a lot. Sincerity I did well at because I care about people. I might of not be sincere here and there to my parents but hey that’s their fault. Justice, you know how Saturdays are, they get crazy and I might have hit people without justice, oh well. For moderation, I did not avoid extremes on Christmas or the days after, I ate too much and did too much of stuff, but it doesn’t matter because it’s over now. Cleanliness was the easiest by far, I always shower every day and take care of myself. It’s not hard to be clean. Tranquility is hard for me because I do get upset over what one would call “stupid things”. It’s hard for me not to if somethings not right I’m gonna get mad over it.  Humility is the easiest to obtain, there is no need to brag about yourself like no one cares. I am not very good at awareness, I don’t really pay attention much. Especially on Saturday, I didn’t really feel like I knew what was going on at all, like most days. Competence to me was easy to stay away because I’m not dumb and I can do things successfully. Lastly was authenticity, I am normally a real like straight up to you, but on Christmas, you have to be a little fake to all your cousins. You have to do and say what you can to get along with people. Overall the whole virtues thing was dumb to me like there’s no point. If we are all just gonna die anyway, why not have fun in your life and not be fake to be “good”.

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