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I still do not like poetry. I just think it is very boring to read. Also, poetry is very hard to understand. I know the whole point of poetry is to learn how to analyze it but to do that is very bring. I don’t think many people like poetry and when no one enjoys it, it is hard to work with people on stuff involving it. Poetry just reminds me of middle school PSSA’s and other standardized tests. A poem was always the last story to read for English and it was also short so I wouldn’t even read it. Along with that, in 8th grade, Ms. O’Brien was very strict with poetry. She made us look up every word in every line of the poems and it just made everyone hate it more than normal.

I didn’t really like any of the poems we have read. Poems are just so long and boring. On top of that, I hate reading in the first place, so that could be apart of it. Eldorado wasn’t that bad I guess. Only because it was short and every other line was basically the same. This poem though was kinda hard to understand. With the least amount of syllables possible per line, it was hard to understand it.

Poetry is still awful. I do not think it will ever be not awful. If you hate something, hatred does not just go away. Especially if it keeps getting forced on you. Ever since we are little it always taught in English class. Just like reading. When you are forced to do something for such a long time it makes you not want to and therefore you do not like doing it. If we could pick what and when we wanted to read poems or anything for that matter, people would like it a lot more. I think poetry wouldn’t be that bad if we just started it in high school and not have to do it every year. Kinda like math, each year is a different thing so it makes it more tolerable but English class is always the same every year.

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