For my short story, I used my own idea. I didn’t really base it off or anything in my book. I guess if you could say I imitated anything it would be the mind of a crazy person. In This Is Where It Ends, the shooter is most definitely crazy. For any murderer especially a school shooter there is definitely something wrong in their mind. My main character in the story has a lot wrong in his mind but he is just trying to understand.
the element I chose to “copy” from my book is the first person journal type of way to tell the story. To write my story I want to tell it in my main character perspective and I’m going to go back and forth from talking as a narrator to being him writing in a journal. I really liked the way the author my my book showed the characters personally through telling it 1st person. I want to reveal character through him talking about not feeling. He will come off as crazy through not being able to feel anything. The book I’m reading shows character in the same way, by how they are displayed in the book.
I don’t want to just reveal setting the way the author of the books I’m ready did. She just said flat out they are in a school. I want to drag on how he hates going there but you don’t really know where, about the hospital. Also the main conflict in This Is Where It Ends is man vs man but in my story it’s going to be man vs himself. Which will have to be displayed in a completely different way. Man vs man is quit obvious two people are causing conflict on each other but man vs himself has to be shown with his mental perspective.

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