Setting in This is Where It Ends

The setting is used in This Is Where It Ends, to give background. The setting in the book l am reading is a highschool. The Setting gives background of the story because everyone has gone to high school (for the most part), and you will have background on what it looks like and how things are.for example, the students are trapped in the auditorium,we most likely know what that looks like and why It would be so frantic.

The setting also helps with understanding through current issues. This Is Where It Ends, is based on a school shooting. Because of the setting being at a school we have a better understanding, considering school shootings are a major role in today’s world.

Characters are influenced in the book, since they are in school, through school procedures. Since a school shooting occurs, the actions of the characters are affected because of where they are and what they are told to do. They are told to hide so they try that, but because of the doors being locked they caused panic. One of the main characters is revealed because of breaking into the principal’s office and stealing papers, because of the background of the principal’s office and the meaning of breaking into it we can tell it’s not a good thing.

The setting of the doors in the auditorium being locked influences the story a lot. If the doors weren’t locked they kids could’ve gotten out, but they couldn’t so it led to tragic events. Next, if the story wasn’t taking place in a school to begin with the whole conflict of the book wouldn’t have happened. The whole idea of a school shooting makes the book. If the book didn’t take place in a school the whole story is ruined.

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