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In the book Where It Ends, there is no humor at all. They are not going through the normal high school experience in this book so they are not talking about funny things and they are not adding in comedy to lighten the mood because you can not lighten the mood in this book. Where It Ends is about a school shooting, so it would be wrong to have humor. If there is any humor it is low comedy in the very beginning before the action. The four main characters are going through their normal day so they might have had some low comedy here and there but nothing that catches your eye or makes you laugh. For example, Tomas and his friend are sneaking into the principals office before the shooting, they make some inside jokes but not many. This book doesn’t have humor because it is a very serious concept and there is nothing humorous about masses of people dying.  Humor should not be added, if it were to be added it would be in the beginning of the book before anything happens. It could’ve been normal high school jokes kids say in the hallways and stuff like that. A hypothetical situation where humor would be added is if the whole topic of the  book is different and the book would be changed to another high school love story. The humor would be something dumb like they are both in love with each other but think the other one does not like them. Another hypothetical situation would be if the topic of the book was completely different. Where It Ends is more of an action and suspenseful book. There is no room for comedy in it. The last hypothetical situation where comedy could be involved in the book Where It Ends would be if they are all sociopaths who don’t care about people dying or think it’s funny, even though a sociopath has no emotions so they would not find it funny either. Overall, this book has no humor or comedy in it and there is not a right way or place for it to fit into the book.

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