The character I chose was Tomas. he is one of the 4 protagonists of the story. The author reveals him through if actions and the things he says. He is revealed by his actions because, in this chapter, he is in the principal’s office going through files. This reveals that he is not a rule follower. He is also revealed by what he says, you can tell he is very caring especially toward his sister. While going through the files, he continuously stated he is doing it for his sister. Some guy must have stalked or hurt her in the past year and left school, but he is coming back during the current school year. Also, you can tell Tomas tries to act almost cool by his word choice and sentence length compared to the other characters.
I like Tomas more than most of the main characters because he doesn’t try to be something he’s not. Autumn talks herself up so much and tries to seem like everyone loves her and shes above everyone and everything. Even though Tomas tries to act cool he tells it how it is and doesn’t try to talk himself up.
In the book, he is one of the kids not in the auditorium. He is very important in the story because you find the most information from him, that’s how his personality affects the conflict.
He is a very caring person. You can tell by all of his actions that his sister is a very important part of his life. Also, he is very protective of her. His sister is Sylv, she is the 2nd of the 4 protagonists. she is revealed by what she says. She is very intelligent and she is the second-best character. She is very kind and also cares about her brother. She is friends with Autumn but hangs out with her brother a lot of the book. She is also very emotional. She seems to be the most affected with everything going on in the book. She is also very hopeful, she believes that her brother will save them and get them out of their current situation.

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