Song of myself is a pain

To be completely honest, I hate this poem. It makes no sense and is very hard to follow. For example, in the one stanza, what he describes is a one night stand. However, what he actually is talking about is completely different. The damn thing is hundreds of pages long, and I don’t understand why this man could focus and write this thing for his entire life. Why does he feel themed to ask questions about society other than the fact that he thinks there is a problem with it. My group got assigned sections 3,4, and 6. I got assigned to do section 6, and I still found it impossible to understand. Even with the help of a couple seniors, my perception of some of the lines were still wrong I guess. I wish I would have kept in mind the different aspects of Whittman’s personality, because it would have made the poem so much easier to understand. So understanding his philosophy would help you understand the way he wrote, because he wrote the way he felt. If I knew that he loved all people and was a Christian, I would have read this poem very differently. The most important line from my section was “The smallest sprout shows there is no death” . The reason I think this is because I feel it represents this section well. It reflects about how people are still alive from the things they built or created. I think the most difficult thing about this work is the hidden meanings that are thrown in throughout it. The way Whittman writes is confusing and it is supposedly written for everyone to understand. I just don’t understand how Whittman feels like he is expressing himself in such a way that his words can be misinterpereted.  

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