My Thoughts on Poetry Now

I have been exposed to poetry my entire life, from elementary school on our PSSAs, and I never really liked the poetry questions, because trying to pick through the details made it too difficult. That’s where my dislike of poetry started, and it only got amplified in 8th grade, when we really got into poetry. I understand why some people like yourself, are drawn to poetry but when I encountered it, the deciphering phase just frustrated me. Now, in 8th grade it made things even worse. Mrs. O’Brien was a tough teacher, and trying to pick apart The Tell Tale Heart on a test was not the way to get me to enjoy poetry. Think about it, would you want to be tested on something that was designed to confuse and be interpreted in different ways? Hell no. I bet you Mr. McGerry, that if I was introduced to poetry the way you do, I would enjoy it. Now, that might change pretty son, because I’m sick of doing scansion. Originally, I didn’t like El Dorado, but it started to grow on me when we were discussing all the things the poem could be about. Wether it was alcoholism, drug use death, or sex, everyone had a different interperetation of the poem’s hidden meaning. As I said earlier, there is something that draws people to poetry, and I have to assume that’s what it is: that everyone can interpret it in different ways. There are a lot of different types of poetry too, and it draws different readers. I personally enjoyed The Art of Drowning, The Cremation of Sam McGee, The Afterlife, The End of the World, and a couple others. To me, the poetry monster is getting bigger. We at least never had to worry about “stanzaic form”, or have to do “scansion” with our poems, we just read them, interpreted them, and tried to do our work around that. Now, poetry is getting more complex, and I am pretty sure I am not a fan of it. I still struggle with El Dorado, because it is tough to wrap your head around what the poem means, or what it is about.

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