When I first started writing my story, I had no idea what I was going to choose as my 6 words, or what my story was going to be about. I eventually settled on the one about the abandoned house, because it seemed like it was the most open. I was worried when we were doing those assignments and I didn’t know if my story would be able to retain some sort of form. But what really helped me, was creating a story on the fly with my table. It really helped me to form a story from nothing, and give it some foundation. I was a bit worried that throughout the little building block assignments, like the storyboard and setting roadmaps. But, sure enough, my story was able to retain a bit of the form it had taken through mapping it out, but there were some significant changes. For example, when I was mapping out my story, I had planned for Chunk to be my main antagonist, because I pictured him as my main villain, and he was the one making the meth. However, as I wrote my story it became clear that my antagonist had done a complete one-eighty. Aunt Hegla took the form of the villain of this story, someone I had just thrown in for a secondary conflict. It was amazing how my story came together once I actually started writing it. I like my story’s foreshadowing to Aunt Helga’s addiction, To be honest, that part of my story was completely unintentional, but it all fell neatly into place. What I don’t like about my story, is how disorganized it is. By the way, what you said about the draft not having to be a polished diamond, but a polished turd, really helped me in cooling my fears while writing.

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