How can a News Reporter and a Hillbilly be similar?

My favorite part of the John Stossel book, was the way that John’s “character” was developed. It was completely different to anything I have ever read before, and I hope to mimic that in my own short story. You might be thinking “What would a redneck kid and a multi-millionaire have in common?” well, I want to use the same approach John Stossel used in his autobiography. His book starts off with him talking about his rejection by his colleagues, and him feeling like a toy the media industry simply got tired of. I want that energy to resonate off of my main character and his friends. I want them to feel like rejects also, like they are that group of losers. I want to create that underdog feeling towards the main characters, because I feel it is a good energy to have flowing with your characters. It makes it seem like there isn’t much to lose, and in addition, the characters aren’t held back by any social norms. If you think about it, my main character and John Stossel are kind of similar in the fact that they both expose criminals for what they’ve done. They both share the conflict of trying to stop crime, however Cleedus will report it to the police, while John Stossel takes it into his own hands. I think I will start my story in the same way that John starts his own; with a slice of the aftermath before the story starts. I could start with one of the meth heads threatening Cleedus while he is getting pushed into a squad car, and then lead into the beginning of the story. Also, in a way, John and Cleedus could share the experience of having to overcome something in their own head. For John, this was a stutter he had to overcome, but for Cleedus it would have to be his fear that takes control over him.

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